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Urmston Pest Control Treatments

No matter how clean, neat and modern our human environment is, pests can and often will find their way in. Once they have established their presence within and take hold in our territory, they pose an ongoing hazard to us, our property, health, sanity and well-being. Then, the only reliable cure is the robust professional intervention – the Urmston pest control service from the experts, offering speedy treatments and safe results.

Our Urmston pest control service delivers 24-hour treatments for commercial and residential premises and deals with the most "popular offenders" safely, securely and permanently. These are our main targets:

Brown Rat1. Rodents
They inhabit all areas that humans do, thus being a constant source of annoyance and health risks. Mice and rats are the perfect colonizers - they possess sharp teeth, enabling them to chew on many surfaces, flexible bodies, allowing them to squeeze through tiny holes, they breed with a terrifying speed, they are intelligent and suspicious of change, which makes the use of traps largely ineffective, and they are aggressive carriers of a number of diseases. Getting rid of them is near impossible task for the layperson - so leave this to the experts. Our Urmston pest control treatment will turn your home or business area rodent-free in a short time, and restore your peace of mind.

wasp nest removal2. Wasps, bees, ants and other insects
Some of them are visibly and immediately dangerous to you - they bite and sting. Others are seen more as a mere nuisance. However, all of them, if left untreated, feed, thrive, multiply, damage and destruct. The solutions offered in the shops, although marketed as effective, are mostly temporary and treat only the visible part of the problem. Our Urmston pest control specialists are in possession of the knowledge and technologies to get to the root of the problem - deep down to the tiniest crevices of your living space, your gardens, your industrial buildings. The 24-hour treatment we offer eradicate the insect colonies once and for all.

3. Birds
Not always perceived as pests, birds can nevertheless have a devastating impact on your home or business. Bird droppings, apart from being unsightly and hard to remove, are a serious health problem - diseases affecting humans spread through them. Birds carry parasites harmful to people. If they choose to nest at your property they can become aggressive and attack in an attempt to protect what they perceive as their perimeter. Our specialist Urmston pest control services approach the bird infestation with fast-acting 24-hour treatments, providing a truly effective solution for this type of hazard.