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Urmston Grey Squirrel Control

What is the Grey Squirrel and does it deserve the ‘Pest’ Tag?

Grey squirrel pestThe grey squirrel was first introduced in the UK towards the end of the 1800s. It quickly spread across Wales and England. There are several grey squirrel species. The species common in the UK is the eastern grey squirrel (or Sciurus carolinensis) that gets its name from the fact that it is native to eastern and mid-west US. The squirrels grow to between 35 and 50 centimetres in length and they weigh between 450 and 650 grams. The squirrels usually have a grey-brown coat, but some (especially those found in Cambridgeshire) have a black fur.

Urmston grey squirrel control is one of our services at Young’s Pest Control. There are several reasons why many people in the UK consider the grey squirrel to be the pest.

1) Although most people consider grey squirrels to be cute, you should hire us for Urmston grey squirrel control the moment you notice them because they are hardy animals, surviving in shrubs, copses, trees, and hedgerows and building their nests from moss, leaves, and twigs. Grey squirrels also live indoors on roof spaces, attics, and lofts. Grey squirrels also multiply quickly. They have 2 breeding seasons (in February/March and June/July) and each grey squirrel gives birth to between 3 and 7 kittens. The remarkable growth in population can also be attributed to the fact that grey squirrels do not have a natural predator in Ireland and Britain. If you ignore the infestation today, you will end up paying a lot more tomorrow.

2) The places where grey squirrels usually hide such as loft spaces are usually inaccessible. At Young’s Pest Control, we have the training and the experience necessary to reach these places as well as the tools and supplies necessary for comprehensive Urmston grey squirrel control.

3) If you have trees on your compound, you should do squirrel removal because they usually tear off the bark and eat the exposed soft tissue. It is particularly important that you do squirrel pest control if you have beech or sycamore because these trees are at the greatest risk of damage.

Grey squirrel close up4) If you keep birds, do grey squirrel control because grey squirrels often raid feeders for sunflower seeds, corn, and millet.

5) Farmers should do grey squirrel removal because the pests raid gardens and destroy such garden crops as strawberries, corn, and tomatoes.

6) Grey squirrels can spread disease and such pests like fleas.

7) Grey squirrels have sharp teeth and claws. At Young’s Pest Control, we wear gloves to properly handle the pests.