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What Causes Pest Infestation? 

According to the dictionary, pest infestation refers to the unexpectedly large number of animals or insects in one place, normally to spread diseases or cause

Davyhulme Wasp Nest Removalproperty damage. However, these insects don’t have to be in large numbers for the situation to be considered an infestation. It would be best if you took even the presence of one or more pests like rodents, grey squirrel, flea and bedbugs seriously. 

 Moreover, public health officials recommend pest control like mice & rat control and wasp nest removal treatment even to homes where the pests are not seen to be in large numbers. Our personnel at Davyhulme Pest Control offer these and more services.

 Since it is nearly impossible to notice the presence of pests in your home until their infestation is underway, it is important to know the causes of pest infestation so you can keep your home pest-free.

 Some of the causes of pest infestation include: 

 • Availability of food and water in convenient locations

 • Clutter inside and outside the house

 • Effortless access to your home

 Below is a detailed explanation of these causes.

 Availability Of Food and Water In Convenient Locations

 Pests move into homes in search of food and water. Thus, if they find that your home has plenty of food

Davyhulme mice & rat controland dripping water, they make it their home too. To ensure that pests do not find your home desirable, always keep your kitchen clean with no food particles on the floor. You should make it a habit to go to bed when your kitchen is clean as most pests like rats look for food during the night.

 Take care of the dripping water in case you have any as it will attract most pests. Once you keep your floors clean and keep food covered and in places where they can’t reach, your home will not attract pests. 

 Your pet’s water bowl should be dry when you go to bed. This and the persistent dripping water from your kitchen or bathroom act as water pools to pests. Keep in mind that most insects only require small amounts of water to live for several months. 

 Clutter Inside and Outside Your Home

 The unused clothes, furniture or any item you keep laying on your house serves as a hiding place for pests. Therefore, if you want your home to stay free of pests, you need to get rid of all the clutter. You Davyhulme mice & rat controlmight have to get rid of the things you keep for future use, such as cardboard boxes because most insects and rodents love to hide in such things and form their nest. When the rats and mice live in your garage, attic or whatever places you store the unused boxes, they tend to attract other pests too.

 Also, if you have any wood lying against your house, you need to get rid of it as most insects are attracted by wood. Ants like carpenter ants love to stay near stored wood of any kind and will hurriedly climb the wall on which they are laid against and make it their abode.

 Effortless Access To Your Home

 In times of rain or when the weather becomes too cold, most pests look for shelter in homes. In the struggle to find cover and a warm place, pests can squeeze themselves into your home via tiny spaces, holes or cracks in places like the window, the foundation of your home or through the door. They can also use the sewer lines, plumbing as well as drainpipes to get into your home. 

 However, pests can still hide under the furniture that you currently use. So the best thing to do is contact Davyhulme Pest ControlDavyhulme Pest Control to eradicate pests from our home permanently. Remember that you cannot remove all your clutter, or fix the pets’ pathways in a single day. Contact us and let our qualified staff handle the pests issue for you. We offer a wide range of services including wasp nest removal treatment, mice & rat control, ant control, flea treatment and squirrel removal.