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Professional Urmston Flea Treatment

Having fleas in the house is a nuisance and they are difficult to get rid of without professional assistance. These parasitic insects irritate humans and pets and are a source of social embarrassment. Any right-minded person affected by fleas wants to be rid of them as soon as possible.

The holometabolous (four-stage) lifecycle

FleaEggs laid in a pet's fur will more than likely fall onto the floor. The eggs will drop wherever your pet goes but the highest egg concentrations will be in the places where the animal spends the most time, such as a bed or a sofa. Free-roaming animals will spread flea eggs wherever they go, causing a flea infestation throughout the property.

The larva will hatch and scavenge on organic materials, such as dead skin, insect corpses, and flea faeces. Carpets, rugs, and cracks in wooden floors are an ideal habitat for these reclusive, photosensitive creatures. They go through three molting phases, or instars, before cocooning themselves in silk and camouflaging themselves with debris.

The duration of the pupal stage depends on the environment. In the warmer, summer months, or centrally heated houses, the adults may emerge from the pupa in a matter of weeks. In the cold of autumn and winter, however, the process may take over a year. A lack of flea activity does not necessarily mean an end of flea infestation.

The adults feed on blood and their purpose is to reproduce. Reproduction cannot occur without the female engorging on blood because she needs a blood meal before she can lay eggs. Those eggs will be unviable if they are not fertilized by a male during copulation. The female can lay around five hundred eggs over the course of a lifetime.

The resilience of flea infestation

Cat and dog fleasIt is difficult to remove fleas from a residence by yourself and home remedies seldom work. In the short term, do-it-yourself methods are little more than a bandaid covering a serious wound. In the long term, DIY flea removal is usually a failure due to the inability of home remedies to attack the general flea population.

A major factor contributing to the failure of home Urmston flea treatment to tackle the wider flea population is that it focuses more on killing adults than eggs, larva or pupa. Adults only comprise five per cent of the flea population and DIY treatments that do address the other 95% only make a dent.

Benefits of professional Urmston flea treatment

Calling on professional Urmston flea treatment services is the best option for successful flea removal and the prevention of future infestations. Flea fumigation is an important part of Urmston flea treatment and is capable of eliminating fleas along all four-stages of the lifecycle, wherever they hide.

Flea fumigation makes an environment inhospitable to flea life but is dangerous to people and pets too. Professional Urmston flea treatment professionals know how to use these insecticides safely and require the cooperation of customers to ensure a successful flea removal without any snags along the way.