Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Urmston BumbleBee Control

Bumble Bee on flowerThere are many reasons a person might need to call in a bumblebee control service to deal with a nest that is causing problems. Bumblebee Nest Removal can be difficult to do at home if the nest is large, well defended or inaccessible. No one wants to be stung by a bee or to deal with the serious allergic reactions that this can cause. Fortunately, with 24-hour service and great prices, Young's Pest Control can help with any bumblebee problem, with our Bumblebee Nest Removal in Urmston.

Health and Safety

Being stung is the most obvious health and safety risk associated with bumblebees. Bumblebees leave their stinger embedded in their victims after attacking, and the barbed stinger is hard to remove properly and continues to pump venom into the wound for some time. This venom causes a painful burning sensation and triggers anaphylactic reactions in susceptible people.

Other health and safety concerns associated with bumble bees and bumble bee control include noise, the risk of falling and clogging vents. Tree bumblebees are an invasive species of bumblebee from Europe that is more likely to build its hives in buildings. If built in the walls or attic, these hives can cause a lot of noise which is irritating and leads to trouble sleeping and can also clog up dryer vents and other openings, leading to poor air circulation and possibly a fire hazard.

When attempting to move or treat tree bumblebees - or any species of bee - that have nested in a hard to reach spot many people are injured by falling or scraping themselves while trying to approach the nest.

Although the ideal way to tackle a bumblebee removal is to simply relocate the hive to someplace where it won't cause problems, this is not always possible. When insecticide treatments must be used instead, there is a risk of poisoning, especially if the nest is in a confined space.

Bumble BeeExperts Get the Job Done Right

At Young's Pest Control, the professionally trained staff are experienced in bumblebee control techniques and proper storage and handling of any needed insecticide treatments. Combined with the proper personal protective equipment and protective clothing, this means they can safely tackle a bee nest without the risk that an average person would face. Make sure the job gets done the right way by calling the experts.