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Professional Urmston Mole Trapping and Control Solutions that Work

Full size moleWell tended areas of grass, flowers, or other landscaping can be a source of pride for many although all the hard work put into these can easily be undone by pests. One of the most likely culprits, if damage does start to show up, is moles and these little animals can become a frustrating problem. Mole Trapping measures are something to consider for dealing with them, with those provided by professional pest control companies offering the greatest chance of success. Young’s Pest Control can send experts in mole control to homeowners, sports grounds, parks, and others that need to rid themselves of problem moles.

Mole Details

Moles are native to the UK and can be found in most places around the country. They are perfectly adapted for the underground life they live, with large spade-like front feet for digging and fur that can sit in any direction for smooth travel forward or backwards through a tunnel. They will construct a burrow complex that can extend over a wide area, with their nest site typically located at the centre of this. Their diet largely consists of worms and insect larvae and they prefer areas where they can find these in abundance. The typical lifespan of a mole is between 2 and 3 years.

Problems Caused

Mole moundMoles will move around to find a territory and there is little that can actually be done to stop them entering your grounds. Once there and digging their tunnels, the evidence of their presence will start to show and this is the time that Mole Trapping in Urmston and control measures can be implemented. Signs to look out for are mounds of dirt pushed to the surface, uneven ground that show tunnels just below the surface, and withering of plants that can signify their roots have been damaged by a tunnel digging. Moles can extend their territory over a wide area and it is best to deal with them promptly as a smaller complex can mean easier mole trapping.

Professional Mole Pest Control

Understanding the natural habits of this pest can make riding them from an area all the easier. This means there is a great benefit to bringing in a trained professional to deal with moles. These are available at Young’s Pest Control and our operatives can provide you with fast and effective mole trapping and control. Our phone lines are always open and a call will get our assistance to combat a mole problem as quickly as you need.