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It is common for pests to enter most houses and commercial premises, and cause harm to humans. Many pests, such as bees and wasps, bite or sting humans.

Common Pests that Sting Humanswasp nest removal

Here are a few common types of pests that sting or bite.

Wasps: Wasps do not sting normally, but they do give a nasty sting when they feel threatened, and they do feel threatened when a person tries to swat them away! Wasp stings cause itching, swelling, and allergic reactions.
Bees: Bee stings are very painful, and unlike wasps, they do not need to feel threatened to sting! Even slight movements cause bees to sting people in the vicinity. Worse, the bee leaves the sting inside the victim’s body.
• Ticks: Ticks, the small spider-like creatures, cling to the skin and suck blood. The bite does not cause pain, but it does transmit Lyme disease.
• Mosquitoes: Mosquito bites cause intense itching and swelling, and are a major irritant.
• Horseflies: Horseflies are a type of large, hairy fly, inflicting extremely painful bites.

Many of these pests come out only at certain times, whereas others continue to harm on a 24-hour basis.

How to Take Counter Measures

The problem in eradicating pests is the ineffectiveness of general pesticides or a lack of any easy methods. It requires professional Sale pest control service to remove these pests.

There are many varieties of these pests. There are about 250 different types of Manchester Bee species alone in the U.K., and 30 different species of these bees live and work together in colonies. Eradicating these bees on a permanent basis requires a thorough understating of their nesting and mating habits, and applying the right treatment. Unless this is done, the treatment will be ineffective, some bees will continue to thrive, and soon these pests will be back in their original strength.

For instance, when it comes to bees, the Queen Bee is the only fertilised female and lays eggs, whereas the other female bees build honeycomb to store pollen. The Drones or male bee fertilise the young queen bee. These drones are killed off by the female “worker bee” themselves after their task is done. As such, simply killing a bunch of drones, and leaving the Queen and female worker bees intact is an exercise in futility, and is actually aiding the bees!

A professional Sale pest control service, especially a Sale pest control with a local office, would be able to identify the species that thrive in the locality and apply the correct treatment to remove them on a permanent basis. Call a pest control service that offers 24-hour service, so that they can be reached even in emergencies.

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