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Reddish Pest Control 

What We Are

Harmful vermin and pests are a menace to almost every household. Reddish Pest Control is an established company with its main objective is to protect your home from them. We offer professional pest control services that guarantee customer satisfaction, reliability, and superiority. Our products are eco-friendly, have no odour, and safe to use even around children. Our prices as well are very pocket-friendly, and you feel value for your money.

What We Do

At Reddish Pest Control, we offer domestic and large-scale fumigation services, and we can deal with pests in a very eco-friendly and humane method. We have the best performance and professionalism as a result, we have a 24-hour customer care service and a 1-hour response time. Our service vehicles are not marked, thus guaranteeing you your confidentiality.

We have a domestic pest control function whose aim is to protect your household from major vermin and pests. We deal with all sorts of pests such as cockroaches, flies, ants, spiders, rats, squirrels and many more.

 Mice & Rat Control

Mice and rats breed very fast and they do not need

Reddish mice & rat controlmuch to survive. They spread diseases such as salmonella, campylobacter among other diseases. They are also known to burrow and gnaw which results in structural damages. At Reddish Pest Control, we have the mice & rat control services that deal with rodents quickly and effectively. We also install tamper-proof bait stations. Our mode of fumigation is tough on pests but environmentally friendly, and gentle on you and your household. Commercially, our treatment processes ensure the minimum of disruptions to your entity.

Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Wasps are a major source of concern whether their nests are inside or close to your house. Wasps are very aggressive insects and they become more Reddish Wasp nest removalthreatening if they grow in numbers. Wasps are also extremely overprotective when it comes to protecting their nest. This is the reason you should consult professional pest control such as Reddish Pest Control. At Reddish region, we provide same day wasp nest removal treatment. The comprehensive service goes for £45.00 and is a huge bargain. We cover areas such as Warrington, Cheshire, and Stockport. People that hate wasps will find our same day service very appealing.

Benefits of Using Our Services

Most people who want to have their house Reddish Pest Control Servicesfumigated often fear being watched by nosy neighbours. We always bear that in mind and turn, our service vehicles bear no signage or written messages. This will always guarantee your confidentiality when we are solving your vermin and pest problem. In addition, we do not close on holidays and our treatment services are on 24 hours a day. We also advise on how to prevent re-occurrences in future.

Certain persons and companies perceive that they can handle pest problems on their own by using over-the-counter sprays and DIYs. People later discovered that the infestation became worse due to the ineffectiveness of the pesticide or the vermin developed resistance. Getting rid of the infestation completely requires a professional approach. This is because if an ineffective pesticide is used, it may be costly and time-wasting. Also, some pesticides do not adhere to environmental regulations and could be hazardous to your family. Therefore, at Reddish, we handle your pest problem in an effective and offer counsel on how to prevent a repeat.

Wrapping it up

For ages now, man has always tried to find a solution to pests and vermin in their households and businesses. Pests such as rodents can cause damage to property and losses and therefore a solution to them must be found. Our advice to you is that most do it yourself pesticides and over-the-counter Reddish mice & rat controlchemicals cannot guarantee you 100% elimination of pests and vermin. It requires professional treatment from a company that is experienced in pests to completely eradicate them. We offer thorough treatment and monitor the results over time. You will find our mice & rat control and wasp nest removal treatment services to be very effective.