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Why Trust Denton Mice Control to Youngs Pest Control?

Pests! Its all in the name really. Anybody who has ever suffered an infestation in their home or place of business will agree. Whether it's a mice infestation or another form of bothersome nuisance, they are tough to evict!

That's where Youngs Pest Control comes in!

If you have a mice infestation and require mouse removal or mouse control, then you've come to the right place. We are leading experts in Denton mice control and mouse control and offer a friendly, efficient service. If you have spotted any signs of a mouse infestation, do not hesitate to get in touch. When it comes to Denton mice control, the sooner you tackle the situation the better.

The common symptoms of an infestation can include:-House mouse, Mus domesticus

  • Live or dead rodents
  • Rodent Droppings
  • Damage to food/packaging
  • Nests or piled nesting materials
  • Rodent hairs
  • Runways, where dust has been cleared and grease and urine are visible

House mice are the most common mammal in urban areas after human beings. Homes or business that are subjected to mice infestation run the risk of contaminating their inhabitants/personnel. This could be with infections such as Salmonellosis, which shows symptoms of diarrhoea, fever, vomiting, Lyme Disease, which can manifest as fever, headache and a rash and Hantavirus, which can cause respiratory problems.

Female mice (Doe) can have up to 16 young in one litter, and up to 10 litters per year. That's 160 mice per year possibly produced by one Doe. Considering that mice become sexually mature within 10 weeks, the potential for premises to be overrun in no time without Denton mice control is high, so clearly, early mouse control and mouse removal is warranted.

The damage that a lack of Denton mice controls causes can be catastrophic and costly. Also, considering that most insurance companies standard policies do not cover damage caused by common pests (rodents, wasps, bees, insects), it is yet another reason to contact Youngs Pest Control, as we deal with them all, along with mice.

95% of the time, when mice are living in homes, commercial buildings or farmsteads, the significant economic damage will occur. Specific damage caused by mice can include:-
Mouse Nest
1. Contamination of foodstuffs with droppings, urine or hair (all possible sources of disease).

2. Structural damage to buildings through their nest building activities and gnawing. Mice like to make their homes in electrical appliances such as distribution boards and consumer units due to the warm dark conditions. This can then lead to them gnawing on wires etc causing arcing which can lead to fires or short circuits which can cause power outages.
Mice can also gnaw through water supply pipes which can lead to flooding in homes and business'.

3. Mice can be especially damaging to farm equipment and machinery in the same context as above causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Please feel free to contact Young's Pest Control if you have any issues.