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A flea infestation is an inconvenience for anyone. There are absolutely no benefits to having these pests around, and their presence is one that is felt with very apparent and unwanted signs, but thankfully, Young's Pest Control can carry out effective Denton flea treatment in any setting.

What Can Attract Fleas?

Cat and dog fleasThe most common reasons for a flea infestation in the home are cats and dogs. Fleas find the perfect host in domestic pets due to their fur and the warm, protective setting that it provides. Once they have been brought into the home, you'll find that they easily spread onto curtains, drapes, soft furnishings and bedding. They will make their presence known as soon as they arrive.

What Are The Risks?

Fleas are more than just an annoyance. They can harm your pets, and love to bite humans, causing itchiness, allergic reactions and noticed red marks on the skin. However, they have also been known to carry diseases such as Typhus, Tapeworms and even Bubonic Plague. This is why a Denton flea treatment is essential as soon as you spot the signs. Don't waste time and money on worthless DIY products, for best results a professional pest expert is your only hope of getting rid of these pest.

So What Are The Signs?

You'll likely notice the effects of fleas quite quickly. You may spot them in your pet's fur, or on your sofa or curtains. Once they leave larvae, you'll start to see small white specks. The misconception is that the fleas can all be killed by one easy treatment; however, flea fumigation is the only way to ensure both the live fleas and larvae are destroyed.

Bites on your skin are one of the most common signs, followed by excessive scratching from your pets. In people with severe allergies, anaphylaxis can occur.

How Can The Problem Be Treated?

FleaDenton flea treatment methods vary depending on the nature of the infestation, but Young's Pest Control will provide the most effective flea treatment based on what we find and will ensure that you are not forever chasing newly hatched fleas; whether it be a full flea fumigation or a less invasive treatment, we will be able to exterminate both the fleas and their larvae. The danger of considering home treatment is that insecticides sold on the high street can harm both humans and animals, or simply prove ineffective altogether. Additionally, simple flea removal does not stop the larvae from hatching and starting the problem all over again.

Why Call Young's?

Our team of staff are trained in professional Denton flea treatment and control; one call will mean you do not have to worry about the problem or try to put up with it. We can attend site 24 hours a day, and in the case of commercial premises, we can ensure discretion with unmarked vans, meaning your customers need never know about this embarrassing problem. We will also be able to advise you on how to stop the problem from re-occurring in the future with sound advice on preventative measures and best practice.