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Abram Pest Numbers are on the Rise

Pests are an increasing problem in the UK and require immediate pest control to ensure treatment is thorough and that pests do not return. Because of the dangers posed by these pests, a 24-hour emergency pest removal service for a range of threats and annoyances should always be on hand. Common pests that our Abram pest control service can deal with are:

  • Rodents such as mice and rats
  • All manner of insects including wasps, bees and fleas
  • Any bug you can think of, even bed bugs and beetles
  • Birds such as pigeons
  • Squirrels and moles
  • Foxes and badgers

Our company - that offers both a residential and a commercial 24-hour pest removal service and wasp nest removal treatment, responding to call outs with our highly trained professionals and unmarked vans for discretion, should be your choice. We are members of the National Pest Technician Association as you can be sure we are regulated and experienced. You want to know you are in safe hands.

Making Sure your Problem is Solved
Pests are known for their stubbornness and skills of adapting; rats and cockroaches are famous for allegedly being able to survive prolonged nuclear radiation. Due to these facts, an Abram professional service should always be used. In this way, you'll be able to safely know your pests have been taken care of. There can be nothing worse than thinking a problem is taken care of, only to find out later that it is, in fact, still a problem.

Brown RatDangers
Pests are extremely dangerous and should only be dealt with by those trained for the job. Even seemingly "cute" animals, such as Squirrels, carry harmful diseases and can have a nasty bite. Animal waste and droppings should also be dealt with by an Abram pest control removal service as even these can cause harm through the spread of diseases and germs.

Our professional 24 hour Abram pest control company will be able to provide defences for any future pests that come your way. But why wait until you have pests to deal with in the dead of night? Taking precautions now can mean future hassle and grief could be avoided, saving you money.