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Mole Control Made Easy with Professional Abram Mole Trapping

Young's Pest Control makes mole pest control easy. Pick up the phone and call the professionals to handle your Abram mole trapping and mole control needs. Moles can hurt you if you try to remove them yourself, and DIY insecticides can damage your garden and the environment. So let us be your Abram mole trapping experts so that you can get on with enjoying your garden.

Moles Are Made To Dig

Mole in a molehillA mole's sharpest sense is the sense of smell. It can smell an earthworm five metres away and sees nothing wrong with digging to reach it. So moles will build extensive tunnel networks underneath the ground to get to the earthworm's primary food source.

Moles Are Big Diggers

The tunnels come fast and furiously under the ground because moles eat more than half their body weight each day in earthworms. As a result, holes can crop up very rapidly, damaging the roots of your plants and trees.

Your Garden is Your Sanctuary

No gardener likes to compete with moles. That is why your Abram mole trapping is best handled by us, Young's Pest Control, where we trap humanely and can quickly get your mole control problems adequately sorted.

Moles and Mating

Mating season is generally February to April when males search for female moles by letting out high-pitched squeals and tunnelling through new areas. The tunnels, which can be up to ten feet deep, are where the babies will stay for their first month of life. Females can have litters every 42 days, and each litter can be 3-4 mole pups.

Full size moleMoles and Disease

Moles can carry diseases such as rabies. It is rare, but humans and pets can be in grave danger if a rabid mole bites. The usual things your pet may pick up from a mole would be fleas and ticks or, if bitten, a minor injury. That is why Abram mole trapping professionals such as Young's Pest Control will humanely trap and carry away moles while helping you to keep your place as mole free as possible for the future.

Mole Damage

Most of the damage from a mole comes from people or livestock tripping over the holes, collapsed tunnels that can ruin level ground, and plant damage. For example, garden grass can be destroyed, and sometimes pipes for services such as water can be laid bare - an obvious hazard.