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Abram Mice Control

Young's Pest Control Conquers Mice Problems

Mouse eating breadYoung's Pest Control knows that when you are in the comfort of your own home, an invasion of mice can steal your peace of mind and leave you feeling frantic and annoyed. A mice infestation can rob you of your hard-earned sleep and cause you to throw away perfectly good food because there is no way to tell if the rodents have got in it or not. Pests like mice can leave you feeling on edge and what's worse, a mouse infestation can cause damage to your property.

Mice Removal and Mice Infestation Control Prevent Recurrence

Mouse removal and mouse control are things we do well for our many satisfied business and residential customers. With mice being such a large issue, we know that there are many ideas and myths about how to get your mice problem under control. At Young's Pest Control we deal with facts and we do what works to take back your property and help you to protect it.

Abram Mice Infestation Control Is Critical For Your Health

Mice infestation and rat infestation can cause and spread disease. Rodents have been responsible for carrying and spreading diseases such as:

  • House mouse, Mus domesticusScrub Typhus
  • Murine Typhus
  • Weils Disease
  • Rate Bite Fever
  • Typhoid and Dysentery
  • Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Lymphatic Meningitis
  • Salmonella SPP

Did You Know

1. House mice are common in the UK, they can get into the smallest of spaces and enter your home, office, carport, or car. It is not true that they are 'boneless' however they are flexible and a hole which you may think is too small for a mouse may be perfect for a mouse infestation.

2. You may be attracting them without realizing it. A mouse's teeth don't stop growing, that is why they are continually gnawing and chewing. They don't mind if they are chewing your wood, power cables, cabinets and more. Mice will eat up to 4 grams of food per day - cereal foods, flour, seeds, chocolate, fats, proteins, and more. Your table crumbs become their welcome mat.

3. Mice live in families. Usually, there is one dominant male and 3-5 females. Unlike some other mammals, mice will urinate and deposit droppings anywhere they are. You may find up to 40 droppings per mouse per day during a mice infestation. They are also very rapid breeders, the usual is 7-8 litters per year, and once the babies reach 9-10 weeks they can begin breeding - rapidly spreading throughout an area. That is why you need Abram mice infestation control!

We Can Help You With Abram Mice Control

Make your home your castle once again by calling us to come and take care of the problem. Our professional, trained staff will take care of the problem and restore peace to your property. We will help you keep pests out to avoid future problems.