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Nature can be beautiful, and animals can make wonderful companions, but even the most eco-friendly animal lover will be upset when a family of rats or an infestation of ants take up residence in their home. Pest species might be interesting and important creatures in their natural habitats, but when they build a nest, den or burrow too close to buildings where people live, work, eat and sleep they become a problem. Building damage, bites and allergy triggers are just a few of the problems people can have with pests, while prompt service, 24-hour availability and years of experience are what makes calling our Ashton-in-Makerfield pest control service such a great idea.

What makes an animal a pest?

Any animal can become a pest, and most common pests can be perfectly benign in the right circumstances. What makes an animal a pest is when it builds a home or takes up residence too close to the home and has negative effects on the people who live there. These can include things like:

- distraction and irritation because of noise or smells
- chewing on electrical wires and creating a fire riskBrown Rat
- damaging the building through chewing or burrowing, or as a result of droppings accumulating
- risk of being bitten or stung
- triggering asthma or allergies, sometimes very seriously
- risk of infectious disease for people and pets
- creating an unhygienic environment to store and prepare food

Not all pests will do all of the things listed here, but they will all have some negative impact.

How does Ashton-in-Makerfield pest control work?

The Internet is filled with advice for the homeowner interested in tackling pest problems themselves, but sorting out the good advice and techniques from those that are ineffective or dangerous can be hard to do. Even the good advice may mean crawling under floors, climbing up to roof spaces, accidentally provoking an angry animal or exposing oneself to toxic chemicals, making a good pest removal service a better choice.

Pest removal treatment may involve sprays, heat treatments, insecticidal powders, traps and repairs to the house to correct the original cause of the problem - the exact treatment will depend on the pest and the situation.

Young's Pest Control offers safe, effective and affordable pest removal treatment as well as emergency service and convenient 24-hour availability, making it the perfect choice.