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Professional Abram Rat Control

Brown RatAbram rat infestation in any building is always a severe problem, understandably causing distress and worries to the occupants. Rat behaviour, nature, feeding and nesting habits create a significant danger to the people and their property. Rats can take up residence in various places - lofts, attics, cellars, spaces beneath floorboards, basements, dense vegetation. Once they have found their way into the new home, their population increases steadily. However, because they feed at night and remain hidden in their nests during the day, it is not always easy to notice them when they first undertake their initially hushed assail on the property. Therefore it is fair to assume that by the time the first rats are noticed in open spaces, a strong and energetic population of rats has already been developing somewhere in the layers of the property for quite a while.

The main risks associated with rat infestation:
- rats transmit viruses and infections through their saliva, urine and droppings
- they are aggressive on confrontation and can bite and scratch - again, raising the risk of causing severe infections and spreading diseases
- they breed persistently, so the infestation soon becomes difficult to control
- they chew and constantly gnaw and because of their over-sized front teeth can bite through a variety of materials, creating structural damage to the property
- the visible signs of the rat's activity, far from being just unpleasant to look at, may in effect compromise the safety of the building, such as when they chew through the electric cables, creating a fire hazard.

How to get rid of rats:
Some people will try to get rid of rats by using traps that will only address individual rats and not the infestation as a whole. Besides, rats are very conservative in their habits and highly wary of approaching new things. They will avoid anything on their established routes that seems unfamiliar. Furthermore, their highly developed sense of smell will make them suspicious and reluctant to approach anything with a strong odour. Because of that, the only reliable, safe, and thorough Abram rat control is the one delivered by pest control treatment professionals.

PageLines- 141167003019062.jpgThe pest control treatment experts will:
- inspect all signs of rats activity professionally
- consider the nature of the environment
- offer the most suitable Abram rat control treatment bearing in mind the particular circumstances
- apply the treatment professionally and safely
- recommend steps for prevention of future infestation.