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Do you know what to do if you discover an infestation of pests in your home, garden or an outbuilding? If you suspect that you have vermin, insects or unwanted birds somewhere on your property, it’s important to know what to do in order to keep household members and pets safe until you can get treatment. Luckily, with our  Billinge pest control service company offering a 24-hour response, it shouldn’t be long before help is on its way to you and a swift resolution to your unwelcome pest problem is in sight.

wasp nest removalDon’t Try and Destroy the Nest
When people inadvertently stumble on a nest, many individuals want to attempt removal themselves. This is extremely hazardous for several reasons; not only can disturbing the nest put DIY pest controllers at risk of contact with toxic excretory products, but rats, wasps, bees and other unpleasant creatures will come out en masse to attack anyone they think is threatening their young. Multiple bee stings or a bite from dirty rat teeth almost certainly require hospital treatment. In addition, insects or rodent don’t differentiate between innocent bystanders and the individual removing their nest, so can injure other household members if not appropriately contained.

Stay Away from the Affected Area
Some species are so sensitive to their nest coming under threat that they will attack even if someone is in the vicinity. For this reason, if you suspect that you have a nest nearby (normally there will be a preponderance of insects in one part of your house or garden to indicate an insect nest or squeaking and scampering if a rats’ nest is close by) ensure that everyone stays clear of it until a 24 hour Billinge pest control service has been contacted. They can provide effective Billinge pest control promptly, in a way which won’t endanger other people in the home.

Get Out The Professionals
Due to the multiple hazards associated with Billinge pest control, it’s always better to get out a trustworthy Billinge pest control company to undertake the work. They can accurately assess the nature of the problem and recommend the correct treatment to rectify the situation. Because they have access to the correct skills, equipment and clothing, removal and eradication can be carried out quickly and efficiently, usually only requiring one visit and enabling your household routines and daily life to return to normal rapidly.

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