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Why Professional Billinge Mole Trapping is the Best Option for Dealing with this Pest

The prodigious digging abilities allow it to tunnel through most materials to create a burrow system to live in. Its instincts to feed and keep extending its territory mean a typical tunnel complex can spread over a wide area. This causes problems for the ground above, and if a mole makes its home around your property, it can turn your garden, turf areas, and flower beds into an unsightly mess. Billinge mole trapping to remove the pest is the only way to stop the damage, and you can find this service at Young’s Pest Control.

Mole Signs to Look Out For

Mole moundThe underground existence of moles means that they are rarely seen, and travelling below the surface allows them to move into an area without being detected at first. However, it will soon become clear that one is living below the grounds of your property because of the damage they will cause. As a mole digs a new tunnel, it needs to get rid of the dirt by pushing it to the surface. This creates distinctive molehills, which are a familiar sight in any landscape infested by the animal. In addition, tunnels close to the surface, mainly dug in search of food, will push up the ground to create a ridged appearance. This combination of ridged ground and molehills is evidence of the pest and a sign that Billinge mole trapping and control is required.

Mole Pest Control

Mole in a molehillThere are a few old wives tales about ridding an area of moles, with one of the more common ideas being to flush water down the tunnels. There is little evidence that treatments like this have any effect, though the only real solution that can guarantee an area will be cleared is to employ professional Billinge mole trapping. Experts like those at Young’s Pest Control understand the natural behaviour of moles and can inspect a territory to determine the best place to use more control to catch the animals. They also have the latest Billinge mole trapping and control equipment, and this combination of expert knowledge and effective traps ensures a fast resolution to a mole problem. The quicker that moles are removed, the more minor damage they can cause, so give us a call if this pest is causing damage in the grounds around your home, and we can take care of it straight away.