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Professional Billinge Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bee on pink flowerHoney bees can pose a real threat to home and business owners. Unlike bumble bees, which depart each winter, the honey bee builds a perennial nest and is active all year round. Classified as a 'social' insect, the presence of a nest or swarm is hard to ignore. As many as 80,000 bees can comprise a colony, and when provoked this can result in a terrifying swarm.

Essential Honey Bee Facts

  • Bee colonies are divided into three castes: drones, workers and a queen
  • Usually, only the worker bees are visible, and these carry a sting
  • Alarmed worker bees release a pheromone that triggers an attack response in other bees

Because of the impressive size of the colony, and because of the attack response, it's essential that you leave honey bee swarm removal and honey bee control to the experts. They can be dangerous and require special handling, removal techniques and equipment.

The Risks To Your Home or Work Environment

Honey bees often build nests in interiors, including in home or office spaces. They won't damage the structure of your property, with the exception of damage caused by their use of water to soften building materials. If they leave one hive for another, honey can seep through into walls and attract other pests.

Honey Bee HiveBoth Billinge honey bee nest removal and honey bee hive removal are requested for a variety of practical reasons. The sheer numbers that comprise a colony or swarm threaten the use of your premises. Other reasons include:

  • Proximity to those with allergies, or to the vulnerable
  • Swarms in close proximity to visitors or clients
  • Restricted access to vital areas of your home or business premises

Professional Billinge honey bee nest removal is essential for those who take pride in a busy or welcoming environment. Each situation is different, and you'll need professional advice to determine whether you need honey bee swarm removal alone, or whether you need Billinge honey bee nest removal.

Calling In The Experts

Honey bees are a protected species, and in all cases, the fully trained pest controllers and Young's Pest Control will do their best to relocate or re-home the bees. Honey bee control is a highly specialist discipline requiring beekeeping expertise as well as pest control techniques. Call us today to discuss how best to deal with your infestation.