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Professional Billinge Grey Squirrel Control

For over 100 years, the spread of the grey squirrel's territory in the UK has continued unabated. Distribution charts show that the invasive species now has a firm hold over England and the majority of Wales. The spread is inversely proportional to the red squirrel population, currently limited to Scotland and a few isolated pockets in Wales.

Grey squirrel close upIf left unchecked, the procession will continue into Scotland and further increase density in the rest of the UK. Billinge grey squirrel control and squirrel removal can halt the increase. Steps must be taken to manage the problem.

The damage caused by the grey squirrel is manifest in many areas. We are usually only aware of the plight of the red squirrel, but there are numerous other downsides to the grey squirrel's presence. Without Billinge grey squirrel control, native woodland is steadily damaged by the squirrel's fondness for tree sap. The bark is removed from species such as beech, leaving ugly scars and affecting the tree's health.

Our gardens provide multiple sources of sustenance for the grey. Flower and plant bulbs are dug up, buds are eaten, and bird feeders are heavily targeted. Couple this with the squirrels need to gnaw, and you have a real annoyance. Squirrels are significantly more robust and more persistent than your average wild-bird. They will chew through plastic feeders to get to the seeds within. They will also seek shelter and food from within our homes. Attics and roofing provide a dry and safe home for a squirrel family. Entry will be gained by gnawing through woodwork and plasterboard. This is an obvious worry and magnified if any wiring and electrical cables get in the way.

Grey squirrel pestGrey squirrels are opportunist feeders and are not limited to woodland. Due to their varied diet, they can remain active all year round and find food in various conditions. Rosehips, fungi, nuts, berries, discarded human food, fruit, and vegetables are all viable food sources. This versatility adds to the difficulties of squirrel removal. It is not just a case of removing that which attracts the pest. There are too many possibilities. It takes in-depth knowledge and resources to tackle an infestation.

The swift and wily nature of the squirrel makes it a complex problem to deal with. Billinge grey squirrel control is a specialist task that needs professional attention. Young's pest control have the tools and tricks to cater for your Billinge grey squirrel control needs.