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Don't Just Flick Off A Flea – Exterminate it with Billinge Flea Treatment Services.

Basic Facts About Fleas

Cat and dog fleasFleas can be spread from cats, dogs, rodents and other mammals to your home and can quickly infest your soft furnishings. For the best Billinge flea treatment, flea control, and flea removal, it is wise to use professional pest control services such as us at Young's Pest Control Service to ensure that the flea problem is removed and you have genuinely reduced the chance of a return of the fleas. Don't waste precious time with DIY treatments as they are ineffective. Having fleas once is a nasty thing to deal with. Having them twice will not make you any happier!

The Main Types of Fleas Are

Human flea, the cat flea and the dog flea. As a general rule, the flea's name tells you which species that flea prefers to live and feed on. They love sucking blood for food from a warm-blooded animal or human host. You may notice small itchy spots appearing on your pets or your own body. This can be your first sign of fleas.

In their lifetime, a female flea can lay up to 500 eggs on your pet or your pet resting area - that means what can start as a single female flea picked up at the dog park or while your cat is out roaming can turn into a complete flea infestation in an about three or four weeks. As they mature quickly, they can also multiply quickly.

Here at Young's Pest Control, we know how to identify, treat and prevent infestations through our range of tools such as flea fumigation services and products and advice designed to avoid a flea infestation from occurring again in your home.

FleaHow to Identify a Flea

A flea is about 2mm long, which is almost half the size of a bed bug. They are also wingless, meaning they cannot fly but instead have legs well adapted for jumping, with the average flea being able to jump a fair distance and latch on to their host. In addition, they have laterally flat bodies.

Their mouths are adapted for biting and sucking their preferred food source - the blood of your pets or you!

Many people think using pest control services from your local supermarket is the best treatment. However, this product has a low pesticide content and may not deal with the infestation effectively as you would like. At Young's Pest Control services, our product for Billinge flea treatment and flea removal offers a cost-effective solution to your flea infestation - now that is something to write home about. Our flea fumigation would be the most highly recommended for flea control.

So remember that Young's Pest Control offers the best Billinge flea treatment and removal services with a service that you can count on to be more effective than going to the supermarket for DIY solutions. We take our business so seriously that we offer three valuable things to any customer - 24 hour, seven days a week service, no extra charges for evenings and weekends, and finally a 100% satisfaction guarantee.