Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Billinge BumbleBee Control Services

BumbleBees Are a Nuisance

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Nobody wants to deal with a nest of bumblebees around the house, but no one wants to live with them either. Tree bumblebees are notorious for nesting in attics, interior wall space and openings like dryer vents. With colonies of up to several hundred individuals, tree bumblebees make a lot of noise, causing frustration and sleep loss for the people living with them. Their nests can also clog up ventilation holes, reducing indoor air quality and creating a fire hazard. In addition, many pets are curious about bees and will investigate them, which could lead to an emergency vet visit if they are stung.

Dealing with bumblebees is also troublesome - researching and finding the right products, donning protective clothing and hoping it will prevent a sting, maybe having to dig out a ladder or clamber around in a crawl space. Giving up a day off for Billinge bumblebee control is never fun.

BumbleBees are a Health Risk

In addition to lost sleep and the risk of clogged vents starting a fire, an infestation of bumblebees means a constant danger of being stung. Bees leave their stingers behind after stinging, and the barbed structure can be challenging to remove. Meanwhile, muscles attached to the stinger keep pumping in venom as long as the stinger stays embedded in the skin, causing more pain.

Although bee stings are always painful, they can be life-threatening for some people. Severe allergic reactions to bee venom put several people in the hospital every year and force many more to seek other medical treatment. People can become allergic to bees at any point in their lives, meaning that many people don't even know they have an allergy until they already have symptoms.

Expert Billinge BumbleBee Control is the Safest and Easiest Option

Bumble Bee BumbleBee

With all the health risks and trouble of Billinge bumblebee nest removal, it's no mystery why calling in professionals to tackle the job is the best option. Residents can stay safely indoors while experts deal with the infestation protected by proper personal protective equipment and years of experience.

If the nest is hard to reach, experience working on ladders and cramped areas makes experts less likely to suffer a fall or other injury.

With 24 hour service, Young's Pest Control takes the hassle out of Billinge bumblebee removal - pick up the phone and give us a call.