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Why Walkden Flea Treatment is Important

Many people do not realise that Walkden flea treatment is important as the common flea can actually kill pets and cause serious illness in humans. Most people know that the saliva a flea produces when it bites causes some people to itch, but they do not realise that this can develop into full-blown dermatitis in some humans. Given that a flea can bite up to 400 times a day and drink 15 times its own weight, a single flea could cause serious problems.

We also know that fleas cause cats and dogs to scratch, but did you know that fleas can make your animal seriously ill or even kill them. Fleas can cause:

  • Flea anaemia
  • Feline Infection Anemia
  • Flea allergic dermatitis

in your animals. Some fleas carry tapeworm eggs which can infect animals, and feline infectious anaemia can be transmitted to humans and make them ill.

Why A Flea Infestation is so Hard to Treat

You have wooden floors. Your pets rarely go outside. You vacuum regularly. You have a bite. How could you have a flea infestation? If you understand fleas, you will understand how you might. A flea can jump 13cms to gain a host, and can easily get into your house on a human or animal coming inside.

And if there is one flea there are like to be;Flea

  • 10 pupae,
  • 35 larvae,
  • and 50 flea eggs

that you cannot see.

Although a flea must eat blood to reproduce, once the can do so they can lay up to 50 eggs a day and around 500 in their lifetime. Eggs take as little as 2 weeks to hatch. The eggs hatch into larvae, which need to feed on organic matter. These blind creatures hate sunlight and like all the cracks and crevices they can find in your house or a sandy soil outside. When they pupate they can stay in the crevice they have chosen for months until a vibration, body heat or carbon dioxide emissions lets them know a host is near.

There are around 63 species of fleas in the UK, with the most common being the reddish-brown cat flea, and their numbers are on the increase due to the mild winter weather in recent years.

What do I do if I see a Flea?

Cat and dog fleasAt 2.5mm to 4mm you can sometimes actually see fleas, but you are more likely to notice

  • flea bites on yourself,
  • your pet scratching,
  • little black balls on flea dust on yours or your animal's bedding.

If you see any of these signs you need to consider various types of flea removal or Walkden flea treatment options. Take no risks, ring us at Young's Pest Control. We are the Pest Control Experts and we can talk you through flea fumigation and other Walkden flea treatment options to suit your specific needs.

Once Young's Pest Control has carried out a flea fumigation and flea removal you can rest well knowing that your family and pets are safe in a healthy environment.