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Professional Walkden Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusIt is near impossible to determine the number of mice-infested buildings in Britain but the house mouse (Mus musculus) is one of the island's most prolific domestic pests. A scourge of warehouses, kitchens and pantries, wild mice are destructive and pestilential animals that nobody in their right mind would want around.

Mice are able to enter a building through an opening as narrow as 7mm and if the gap is not wide enough they can gnaw their way through. Instances of mice heading indoors will rise during autumn when the weather grows cooler and the days get shorter with the approach of winter.

By the time winter has arrived, mice that ventured inside during the autumn may have multiplied. Female mice are capable of birthing 5-10 litters a year and each litter can contain between 3-14 young. A few stray mice entering a building can rapidly become a full-scale mice infestation.

The telltale indicators of a mouse infestation, aside from seeing of them, include the presence of tiny sausage-shaped droppings, minuscule paw-prints and the scent of urine. If any of these signs appear, professional Walkden mice control services should be contacted without delay. It is better to treat the problem early than allow it to deteriorate.

Why it is necessary to remove mice from a property

Gnawing behaviour is instinctive to mice and is essential to maintaining their incisors, which continuously grow, at a healthy length. The gnawing also helps them to gain access to blocked off areas. Gnawed electrical wires, water pipes and gas pipes will turn a building into a death trap.

The presence of mouse urine and faeces in a building is a serious hygiene risk. Mice are incontinent and if they infiltrate storage areas they will contaminate all they come into contact with. Food and water become unsafe when contaminated by mouse urine and faeces. Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis are spread via by mouse urine and droppings.

A variety of parasites live on, or inside, mice and some may be transferred to humans. Fleas, lice, mites, ticks and worms are common parasites of mice and once brought into a building are capable of cross-infecting humans. Murine typhus and Rickettsialpox are two diseases spread by fleas and ticks living on mice.

Advantages of professional Walkden mice control services over do-it-yourself methods.

Mouse NestThe advantages of professional Walkden mice control over inexpert home remedies are manifold. Professional mouse control treatment is of a higher quality than amateurish DIY methods and is more likely to be successful. The hazards of a mice infestation are too serious for shortcuts, only professional Walkden mice control will be sufficient.

Professional Walkden mice control services are able to identify the location of mice and choose the best traps or poisons to perform successful mouse removal. Once mouse removal has been accomplished, steps can be taken to avoid future infestations. Mouse control technicians have protective clothing to prevent infection from mouse-borne diseases.

For effective mouse removal from a property, there is no better alternative than professional Walkden mice control.