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Professional Walkden Rat Control

If you have identified a rat infestation in your home you need to contact a professional Walkden rat control service. Call Young's Pest Control today and we can begin implementing an effective treatment to get rid of rats from your property.

Brown RatYour Walkden Rat Control Experts

After you place your telephone call with one of our friendly team members we will send out a rat control technician to your property in a discreet unmarked van. There they will conduct an initial expectation and risk assessment of your residence. The technician will then be able to determine the best solution to eradicate the current rat outbreak and prevent any further problems from occurring. They will be able to use the most effective pest control treatment for your particular situation. There is no one pest control solution for eliminating rats. This is why it is not recommended that you use a DIY pest control treatment if you have rats in your home. Rats have become increasingly resistant to blood thinning toxins that worked in the past. This means that you may incorrectly determine that all of the rats have been eliminated when in fact you still have a rat problem.

Property Damage Caused By A Rats

Rats can be found throughout your house including inside your loft, garden, basement, inside the walls and under floorboards. Rats can cause a considerable amount of damage while they are on your property. This includes gnawing through electrical cables, pipes and even steel. By stripping back electrical wiring they may cause damage and fires. They can also lead to contamination of foodstuffs and other goods. This is because the bottom of the rat will be soaked with its own urine. Rat urine can carry and transmit diseases anything that it touches. If you have rats on your property then you need to contact a professional Walkden rat control service straightaway. Allowing a rat infestation to stay in place and cause expensive damage to property and place your family at a major health risk.

How To Identify Rats

ratBefore you can decide to get rid of rats you need to identify their presence. There are a number of different signs look for you have a Walkden rat infestation on your property. One of the most common signs of rats on the property are the droppings. Droppings will typically be between nine and fifteen mm long and dark. You may also notice loud scratching noises or an unpleasant smell. Other signs are ripped food packages, damaged furniture or ruined fabrics. You may also notice rack nesting material including wood shavings and cardboard.

If you believe that you have rats on your property and call Young's Pest Control. Our friendly team will be able to advise you as to the best solution to your rat problem. Or you can have one of our rat professionals at your property promptly so that you can end your rat problem today.