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Walkden Ant Infestation Removal

Basic facts about Ants and Ant Infestation

AntsAnts live in colonies mostly in dry earth around plant pots and particularly in sandy soil so they often find their way into foundations and underneath patios. However, they can also find their way into wall cavities. Walkden ant infestation removal specialists like Young's Pest Control keep this sort of thing in mind when dealing with your ant infestation in the house.

The ants that come into your home are usually worker ants (either males or infertile females ) which are scavenging for food. They have found that buildings which are inhabited by human are a good source of food of them. Sweet sugary food is among their favourites. Flying ant infestation will eat anything, including soiled bandage dressings and faecal matter.

Once a colony is started it can be incredibly hard and very stressful to remove them yourself. Don't be antsy, give Young's Pest Control a call and save yourself time, money, and aggravation.

Whilst black ants do not usually cause any harm to a human directly they can contaminate any unprotected food which can cause illness if the food is consumed. Although there are a lot of ant control treatments on the market available in DIY stores and garden centres these are simply not as effective as you might like. These remedies might not contain enough pesticide to deal with the nest and you will find that the most cost-effective solution is to call in the professionals of Young's Pest Control for the best Walkden ant infestation removal treatment. Ant infestation in the house doesn't have to be a problem anymore!

The Identity Parade
Black ant
Black Garden Ants
1. These are the most common kind and can be found throughout the UK.
2. The worker or male ant is around 5mm long these are the ones that are often found invading your home in the search for food and water, particularly in the warmer periods of the year such as late spring and summer.
3. The Queen can be up to 15mm long and typically stays in the nest.
4. These are the sugar-attracted type.

Pharaoh Ants63

1. These ants are light brown in colour and have bodies that have two segments.
2. They range in size from 2mm for a worker ant to about 4mm for the Queen Ant.
3. These ants are known to more resilient to common Walkden ant infestation removal treatments and bait so if you spot them in your home it is always best to call in professional services to survey the problem and come up with a custom ant control and Walkden ant infestation removal program which can be deployed by Young's Pest Control.
4. These are the ants attracted to anything which will eat faecal matter and transmit disease (flying ant infestation).

The Solution

Don't delay Call Us Today and win the war against these mini invaders. Call Young's Pest Control to arrange a survey and use our discreet and confidential service to eliminate this pest.