Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Walkden BumbleBee Control Services

A New Pest Problem?

Tree Bumble BeeBumblebees have always been around, but recently a new species that has come over from Europe is turning them into more of a pest. Although many species of the bumblebee can cause problems, the tree bumblebee has a tendency to nest in places where they are likely to be disturbed by people, resulting in a sting. They are also likely to nest inside buildings, causing noise problems and blocking vents.

The Danger of Bee Stings

Bumblebees will sting to defend their hive and the queen, even though attacking kills them. Like other bees, bumblebees leave behind a barbed stinger when they attack, which pumps venom into their victim, causing burning pain. For many people, this venom also causes serious allergic reactions, meaning a trip to the emergency room if they are stung.

Tree bumblebees are particularly likely to sting, in part because they tend to nest near people, and in part because of their behaviour. More aggressive than other bees, tree bumblebees respond to any disturbance near the nest - such as using power tools or closing a door - by attacking in large numbers. They also patrol the entrance to the nesting area, making bumblebee control difficult and dangerous.

Benefits of Professional Bumblebee Nest Removal in Walkden

Ideally, bees would nest in nice neat hives that are easy to deal with, or would nest away from busy areas and not cause a problem - but if this were the case no one would have issues with them. When a nest is hard to find or difficult to get access to, professional bumblebee control technicians will have an easier time of it than the average homeowner, and be less likely to fall or be otherwise injured in the course of bumblebee nest removal.

Bumble BeeBumblebee control experts also know how to safely handle bees and any insecticide treatments that may be needed to sedate or kill the bees. They know how to assess the situation and determine the best bumblebee removal treatment to use, and how best to apply it so that the queen is dealt with and the colony won't simply re-build itself afterwards.  Professional bee control is also fast and cost-effective. Young's Pest Control offers emergency service, affordable rates and 24-hour availability to guarantee that they can tackle any bee problem as soon as it is discovered.