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Why You Need Professional Walkden Mole Trapping Services

Moles are small mammals that mostly feed on insects. Their eyesight is very poor due to the fact that they stay beneath the ground most of the time. Moles, however, have a very high sense of touch as it allows them to navigate under the ground. Male moles are called boars while their female counterparts are referred to as sows.

Damage caused by moles

Mole moundMoles prefer staying beneath the ground most of the time. Through their burrowing activities, they push up the soil from their tunnels and create circular mounds on the landscape. As a result, they damage lawns and other places such as gardens that require the soil to remain undisturbed. Since they live underground, mole control can be quite difficult for persons who have not been trained in mole trapping. Mole pest control is, therefore, a job that should be left to professionals as the rodents do not usually leave open tunnels that can be easily accessed by people. Catching them, therefore, requires special traps such as those used by Young’s Pest Control.

It may however not be possible to fully exercise mole control in just one visit as these small pests constantly move around. The traps set up by experts from Mole Trapping in Walkden may also be disturbed by the animals while they move about. It, therefore, requires the professionals to keep on checking on the traps for a given period of time before they can ascertain that the pests have been fully eradicated.

The best method of mole pest control

Mole in a molehillMole trapping and control mainly involves the use of traps which are set up along the tunnels burrowed by the rodents. Small holes are dug at specific points where the moles seem to be active and traps set. When a mole passes through a trap, it triggers it up and as a result, it will be caught. Some of Young's traps apply enough shock to the captured mole so as to kill it instantaneously.

Young’s professionals may also use some insecticides in poisoning the pests. These are placed at strategic places where mole activity has been confirmed as existing. The insecticides will basically kill them quickly, but humanely, as the poison is quite effective. The environment is, however, safe from this procedure as the insecticides used by Young’s Pest Control have been carefully selected. The only disadvantage with this kind of mole pest control is that some pets such as dogs or even cats can dig out the dead moles and consume them. Young’s professionals, however, ensure that this possibility does not take place by removing the carcasses and disposing of safely.