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24-Hour Wingates Rat Control Treatment

Rats are a common pest in most parts of the Wingates Rat Control Treatmentworld, including the UK. These types of rodents are destructive than the rest and transmit numerous diseases to humans. Rats are nocturnal pests that spend most time hiding and only come out during the night to feed. Therefore, you may not easily notice the damage they cause until it is too late when they are adults. If you see a rat in a building, book a session with Wingates Rat Exterminator to locate rat nests and control rats safely. 

How To Identify Rat Infestation 

Rat Appearance

There are two types of rats; brown and black rats. The brown rat has grey to smooth brown fur, a pointed nose, short, scaly tail and large ears. Brown Rats are giant than other mice species, whereas the Black Rat has a more petite body, large ears and long slim tail. 

Rat Signs 

It is easier to spot rat signs than their appearance as they spend the whole time in their shelters. Rats move around the house at night. Here are some signs to watch for; 

  • Rat droppings that are rice grain shaped but dark brown 
  • Greasy rub marks on the wall 
  • Gnaw sounds at night and marks on wood surfaces 
  • Rat holes on storage tins, boxes and shredded fibre
  • Rat nests made from chewed papers and shred material 
  • Rat Footprints on wet surfaces and dusty paths

Most rodent pests leave these signs so that one may be in doubt. Wingates Rat exterminator identifies the type of rodent in a building ad offers Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service. 

Why Should I Contact Wingate's Rat Catcher Near Me? 

It is essential to have Rat Control in time as these creatures are so destructive of all pests. 

Rats Transmit Diseases 

Rats spread Leptospirosis from ratWingates Rat Control Treatment droppings, urine and saliva. Another type of disease is Hantavirus. When one inhales dust that has been contaminated by rat urine and droppings, they will contact Hantavirus. 

Other diseases include; Salmonellosis and Rat-Bite Fever. Rats have thick fur that hosts other parasites like ticks and fleas. A human can contact Plague and Tick fever as these parasites feed on blood for survival. 

Rats Cause Damage

Rats cause structural and household damage at home, offices, apartments and newly constructed buildings. They chew anything they encounter, such as; electric wires causing fire and gnaw shelves and walls when making their way into a building. 

We should not wait to encounter the damages rats cause. Wingate's Rat Catcher near me will quickly, safely and effectively control rats at a pocket-friendly charge. 

Why Do You Need To Call Wingate's rat exterminator?

As much as we need to exterminate rats urgently, it is not advisable to handle the problem independently. Why? 

There are several rodent pest pesticides in stores. Unfortunately, these pesticides work for a short period and become less effective with time. We want a permanent solution to exterminate rats permanently. 

Wingates Rat Control TreatmentRat spraying aerosols can affect the human respiratory system. Just like they will affect rats, they will also affect humans. One may have breath shortage, Asthma attacks and instant death for infants and pets. 

Rat traps are risky as toddlers and pets can walk on them and get trapped. 

Over-the-counter pesticides and aerosols cause food contamination if not handled with care. Even if you have taken all precautions, when rats look for water, they leave behind droppings that may contact food leading to contamination, causing food poisoning after consuming the food. 

What We Do

We offer 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Rats Services across the UK. We use verified methods for Rat Control Treatments and Removal Services, which are cheap, safe and easy. Other benefits include; 

  • 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Rats Methods
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Same Day Service After Booking
  • Working for 24-Hours for seven days of the week
  • Affordable charge rates for Rat Control