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Professional Horwich Rat Control

Brown RatRats are often thought to be more of an external nuisance rather than a nearing danger; these creatures are not just confined to rubbish bins and drains, however, and a Horwich rat infestation in your home is a very real possibility. Rats can be extremely persistent and if they enter your house or business premises, they can spread disease, contaminate food, and cause severe damage.

Secret Scavengers
Rats will hide out in external places like gardens and drains, and nest in internal furnishings such as cabinets and drawers. A rat infestation may also appear in your loft and often go unnoticed until the problem gets out of hand. A rat's prime objective is to seek out water, food, and shelter, so they can turn up almost anywhere and at any time.

A Deadly Danger
Rats can cause serious damage to computer parts, wires, and other electrical equipment that they choose to gnaw through sometimes leading to a fire. More worryingly, one pair of rats can shed more than one million body hairs each year and a single rat can leave up to 25,000 droppings. These droppings contain bacteria that can cause diseases to spread. Rats are often the cause of serious illnesses and pose a particular threat to those more vulnerable such as the elderly and children. Both the brown rat and the black rat are linked with serious diseases including Weil's disease and Pasteurellosis, so it's clear just how important it is to get rid of rats in order to protect your family.

Silent Signs
There are many ways in which rats make themselves known aside from actually being seen. These include rat droppings found concentrated in specific areas, footprints and running tracks, burrows, urine marks and scratching noises - particularly those from above indicating roof-residing agile climbing rats.

ratProfessionals Only
Never attempt Horwich rat control yourself. This is one job that needs to be carried out by professionals who are fully trained in dealing with these dangerous rodents. A combination of industrial pest control treatment and expert techniques are used to rid your home or business of these hazardous mites. If you see one rat, you can be certain that there are more of them about so enlist the help of rat exterminators to get rid of rats from every area of your home, business, and garden. Professional pest control treatment is essential for eradicating the rats safely and ensuring that they never come back.

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