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Professional Atherton Rat Control

Why are rats a problem?

  • Rats can climb up drainpipes and make their way into the attic, where they like to make nests. When you have rats in the roof, Atherton rat control should take priority.
  • Rats make nests in sheltered areas of the garden, such as compost bins. A chance encounter with a wild rodent triggers its flight or fight reflex, possibly resulting in a rat attack. Pest control treatment should occur before outdoor rats move indoors.
  • Brown RatRats chew wires, and other things in the home, causing physical damage to your property and creating fire hazards. Atherton rat control guards against the destruction caused by rat infestation, saving money on extensive repairs, and maintaining property values.
  • Rats are incontinent, and their faeces and urine contain pathogens that can be spread to humans. This is a particular problem in kitchens and pantries, which rats are drawn to in their search for food and water. For your health's sake, eject rats from cooking, eating, and storage areas.
  • Rats are prolific breeders, and rats multiplying on your property intensify their activity in your living area, resulting in an Atherton rat infestation that is difficult to control. Get rid of rats as soon as you become aware of them, to avoid an escalation of the problem.
  • Parasites live in, or on, rats. Endoparasitic worms, or ectoparasitic fleas, can find human hosts. Parasites carry diseases of their own; for example, the bacteria responsible for the bubonic plague was transmitted from Black rat fleas. Pest control treatment will reduce the risk of parasite transmission from rats to humans.

What should I do if I have rats?

  • ratIf you are experiencing a rat infestation, or even suspect it, you should pick up the phone and call Young's pest control services to conduct an Atherton rat control treatment. This type of pest control treatment will get rid of rats on your property, putting your anxiety to rest.
  • You should not attempt to get rid of rats yourself, because your attempts might not be successful, also due to the risk of injury, and illness. Professional Atherton rat control operatives know what they are doing and can be relied on to do a thorough and careful job, with appropriate risk assessment, and a high rate of success.