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Professional Farnworth Rat Control

Brown RatDiscovering rats in or around your property can be very distressing and would make even the bravest person want to move house right away. With the reductions in bin collections which most councils operate it is more and more common to have problems with Farnworth rat infestation. It is indeed, estimated that the rat population has grown by approximately 30% per cent. So, you are not alone in your rat plight, we are indeed performing rat removal on a daily basis, call us today for the pest control treatment.

Why you need to get rid of rats

Rats are known as being carriers of some very nasty diseases. Rats are carriers, for instance of bubonic plague which can spread to humans through bites from rat fleas. They can also spread salmonella through their droppings, especially if they come into contact with our food. A bite from a rat or rat urine coming into contact with food or a pre-existing wound can pass on rat bite fever, which is fatal in 10% of untreated cases. All in all, you don’t want to have rats hanging around, the risks are too great. Please give us a call today for the pest control treatment.

Another reason why you need to get rid of rats as soon as possible is the damage that they can cause. Rats have a need to gnaw because their teeth never stop growing and they will love nothing more than to have a good gnaw on your property. They will chew through electricity cables, which is potentially dangerous or have a good gnaw on wood in or around your property, which could be costly. Having a rat infestation can, therefore not only risk your health but can make a huge dent in your wallet with the damage that they can do, don’t delay call us today so that we can perform Farnworth rat control.

ratOur Service

When you call us, we will visit your property and examine your rat infestation problem. We will then sit down with you and discuss the problem and our potential solutions, advising at all times as to any precautions that you might need to take if we need to use insecticides. Once we have agreed on a solution with you we will go ahead and perform Farnworth rat control. We can also, as part of our service, offer further advice regarding preventing rats from returning to your property in the future. Don’t delay, please call us today.