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Hindley Rat Control Experts

Brown RatThe habits of rodents can bring them into conflict with humans and this can result in anyone suffering a Hindley rat infestation problem. It can be difficult to get rid of rats and calling in expert help is the best solution for finding a pest control treatment that works. Young’s Pest Control specialises in Hindley rat control and our service will effectively deal with rodents to clear them from a property for good.

Rat Infestation

Home and business owners should have little problem identifying that their property has become home to rodents. The most likely sign is rat faeces and this can be found anywhere from floors to countertops and inside cupboards. Regularly finding droppings is a sure sign that rats have moved in. The scratching and scuffling noises of rats can usually be heard as they move around at night and they can stick to familiar routes, which can be revealed by the build-up of dirty footprints and marks.

Hazard to Health

Rats are a well-known hazard to health. While they tend to shy away from humans, they can bite if cornered and this can cause serious illness. However, even without a bite, there is still a danger of contracting a disease from rodents. This can happen through contact with their faeces or from consuming contaminated food and drink. Putting in place a pest control treatment quickly is therefore essential to avoid the health implications of a rat infestation.


Rats can also be an annoyance for the damage they cause. This can typically be seen on skirting boards, furniture, rubbish bins, and locations where they try to get at food. This annoyance can become more serious if they target electrical wires. It is not unknown for fires to start through rodents stripping the covering from wires and this is another reason to get rid of rats quickly.

Benefits of Professionals

ratProfessional Hindley rat control operatives can offer a number of benefits and these include:

  • Expert knowledge of rat behaviour.
  • The most effective pest control treatments.
  • Safety clothing and equipment to reduce risk.
  • Useful advice on rat-proofing to avoid the recurrence of a problem.

Dealing with rats yourself and risking a bite is something to be avoided. Take advantage of Young’s Pest Control’s expertise to give yourself peace of mind that rats are no longer a problem in your property.