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Professional Westhoughton Rat Control

Problems caused by rats

ratIf you believe that you may have rats in your property, it is essential to seek professional help from a pest control company as soon as possible. The brown rat and black rat are both native to the UK and are known to spread disease. They can also cause damage to property and contaminate foodstuffs. If rats enter a property they may also bring parasites with them, such as fleas, ticks and lice, which can spread disease, so Rat Control Treatment and Removal Service in Westhoughton is vital.

Brown rats or black rats?

The brown rat has a short tail and a blunt nose, with small ears and a thick body. The black rat has a shorter body, a long tail, pointed nose and large ears. The rarer Black rat, known by the Latin name Rattus rattus, may have 10 babies in each litter and can produce six litters in a year. The rat reaches sexual maturity very quickly, typically between three and four months, so prompt pest control treatment is essential.

How to tell if you have a rat infestation

Brown RatRats tend to be most active in the hours of darkness so may be hard to spot. However, these rodents will leave tell-tale signs such as droppings which provide a clue to their existence. The droppings of the brown rat are dark brown in colour and resemble a large grain of rice. An average rat may produce as many as 40 droppings a night. If you suspect Rat Infestation in a property, keep a careful lookout for signs. Rats may leave footprints or tail marks visible, especially on dusty or dirty floors, which will be visible in a good light. A handy tip is to sprinkle some fine flour or talcum powder on the floor near to any footprints, and then check for new tracks the following morning. If you hear rats scuttling about, for example in an attic space, you may have a Rat Infestation. Don't delay, but pick up the phone to Youngs Pest Control for expert rat control advice, and get rid of rats as quickly as possible.

Rats spread disease so act quickly!

The most serious disease passed on by rats to humans is Weil’s Disease, a fatal disease spread by bacteria in rat urine.

Pest control treatment

Youngs Pest Control can help with rat control. Don't try to get rid of rats without seeking professional advice.