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Questions and ANTswers

AntsQ: Where do ants live?
A: Dry earth such as sand, plant pots, and dry earth around outdoor plants. The kind you might find a child attempting to keep as a pet will do just fine in everyday garden soil. Please do not let a single ant into your home! Fast ant treatment is critical to your ant infestation and Tyldesley ant infestation removal success.

Q: If I squish one ant, what's the problem?
A: One ant is a problem as much as a thousand because the ant you see represents one of many worker ants which has been sent around looking for food. They do this when their nest is nearby and they need to take food back to their queen. They do not live on their own.

Q: How do I get an ant infestation in the house?
A: They can slip into the tiniest cracks, open doors, windows. Once they find a source of food all the workers begin the job of bringing food back to the queen and returning to your home for more food. Ant infestation in the house can create a lot of misery for the homeowner.

Q: What attracts ants?
A: Black garden ants are attracted to sugary foods, while Pharoah's ants are attracted to anything organic. For instance, faecal matter is popular with them as well as bandage dressings. This is why they are known to carry disease.

Q: How do I get rid of ants?
A: Because they are tiny and can keep their nest hidden, you must call Young's Pest Control services to find every nest and deal with your ant infestation using our Tyldesley ant infestation removal and flying ant infestation techniques and products.

Q: Tell me about black antsBlack ant

  • Destroy food packages and contaminate contents
  • Can bite though rarely do
  • Most well-known kind
  • Workers - up to 5mm
  • Sugar attracted

Q: What can you tell me about Pharoah's ants?

  • Light Tan
  • Two sectioned bodies
  • 2-4 mm
  • Require strong pesticides
  • Attracted to faecal matter (flying ant infestation)
  • Can carry and transmit disease including salmonella and typhus

Tyldesley ant infestation removal treatment by Young's Pest Control service means ants will no longer bother your home. Give us a call today.