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Professional Farnworth Ant Infestation Removal

In the UK, we have several different species of ant. Some are more harmful than others but all pose some threat to health. At Young's Pest Control, we have the experience to deal with all types of ants with our Farnworth ant infestation removal treatment.

I’ve heard that ants aren’t that bad- why can’t I just leave them be?

AntsIt may be true that ants aren’t as dangerous as some other pests, but they certainly do pose a danger to your family. Certain species of ant - namely the Pharaoh ants- can infest hospitals too, eating bandages, and dressings, and feeding on blood and other bodily secretions. Clearly, this leaves them open to transmitting disease and infection.

There is no telling where they have tramped before reaching your home. It’s quite simply unsanitary to leave them infesting your foodstuffs. Not only that, but some species have a nasty sting, and you really don't want to have insects that are potentially dangerous causing harm to your family and damage to your food.

In your garden too, they will create conditions suitable for greenfly so that they have a plentiful supply of food.

There are several reasons why ants are not a welcome addition to your home- call us at Young’s Pest Control to quickly and professionally carry out Farnworth ant infestation removal.

How do I know if I have ants?

Black antThe most obvious sign is the appearance of ants near or on their way to foodstuffs. Sometimes, they will appear in a trail- this is because pheromones have been put down by other ants for them to follow. Finally, you may come across a nest. Sometimes in crevices or walls, they often look like dry mounds of soil.
As soon as you see any of the signs listed above, call us 24 hours a day on 0161 776 9832 or 0784 581 5261. The quicker you can call us, the smaller your problem will be and the quicker we can deal with it with our Farnworth ant infestation removal services.

Why can’t I treat it myself?

Most species of ant need professional attention as they are extremely difficult to eradicate. Whilst you can always spot the occasional ant, finding the nest is not always easy. Also, the pesticides sold in DIY shops are often not strong enough to do the job effectively.

Call us at Young’s Pest Control in order to keep your home and family free of ant infestations with professional ant control.