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Professional Pendlebury Ant Infestation Removal

Black antAnts can be easily distinguished by their nod-like body structures and antennae. They are classified as insects because they possess specific features such as six legs and divided body parts comprising of the head, thorax and abdomen. There are more than ten thousand species of ants.

Like all social insects, ants form colonies with specialised divisions of labour. A colony can consist of a few dozen individuals to millions of ants, therefore necessitating fast Pendlebury ant infestation removal whenever an infestation has been noticed. A nest usually has worker ants, male ants and the queen. The size of each colony, however, depends on various factors such as the type of ant species and availability of resources.

Professional ant control

Ants are found in almost every corner of the planet, except for a few places such as Antarctica and the North and South Poles. They work and move as a unit which makes it very hard for homeowners to stop ant infestation in the house. Once they find their way into your home, it becomes even harder to eliminate them using the common DIY methods.

Ant control in our homes should, therefore, be done by professional Pendlebury ant infestation removal experts, such as Young’s Pest Control. In most cases, over the counter pesticides or solutions have always proved futile in combating ant infestation. Young’s Pest Control professionals, however, use the latest methods of ant treatment and they do not in any way interfere with a customer’s activities. They also completely eliminate ant infestation in the house.

Flying ant infestation

AntsMost ants do not have wings. However, there are certain seasons when winged ants are a common sight. These should not be confused with termites, whose antennae are straight, waists are broad and have wings of equal length. Winged ants are commonly referred to as swarmers as they have thin waists and unequal wing lengths. When flying ant infestation occurs in your home, it will not only be annoying, but the ants may also destroy you're some wooden structures. In most cases, this occurs during the mating season, when ant treatment is most needed.

You should, therefore, call professional pest control experts at this point. They can prevent any further spread and remove all ants from the vicinity of your home. Young’s Pest Control professionals are the ones best equipped to handle your ant infestation problem or any other pest removal need that you may have.