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Professional Swinton Ant Infestation Removal

AntsAnt infestation is a common pest problem across the United Kingdom. There is a variety of ant species, which find their way into our homes, the problem is how to get rid of them. All ants live in colonies. The ants you see in your garden and kitchen are the worker ants. In spring, the ants develop wings, fly to new locations, and invade someone else’s home to forage for food or suitable premises to make up a new nest.

About Ant Infestation

Ant infestation in the house can happen overnight. One minute you leave the sugar bowl open and the next you are infested with a plague of little pests crawling all over your kitchen. There can be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand of these little critters in a nest nearby that you are not even aware of. The nests include an egg-laying queen who literally does her best to increase her ant colony by the day. The only way you are going to get rid of the ant infestation in the house is by getting rid of the nest. This is where Youngs Pest Control comes in.

Ant Control Treatment and Removal

Black antBait treatments and insecticides can be used to control ants in the outside nests. However, to be effective baits need to be placed in areas where ants are frequent, so that they eat it or take it back to their nests.

The best solution for this problem is to call in your Swinton ant infestation removal and control experts. Young’s Pest Control has extensive experience in ridding homeowners with flying ant infestation.

Young’s Pest control will determine what types of ants you have invading your property, and what is causing them to be there in the first place. We will provide either baiting solutions or permanent extraction of the ants. We offer advice on how to limit them accessing your property again. The treatments for flying ant infestation offered are safe for your family and pets and come with a guarantee.

Flying Ant Infestation

Flying ants are not a separate species to our other little ants. However, they are actually members of the winged ant variety, which emerge for a brief period while ants are in mating season. While a few of the flying ants are spotted only occasionally, they cannot be ignored. An infestation of these flying pests can lead to a bigger problem. You can rid this infestation only by attacking the colony they come from directly.

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