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Professional Leigh Mice Control

Mouse NestIn urban areas of the UK, you’ll often see the odd mouse running about in the garden - especially during the evening; they’re looking for food to take back to their burrow. During the summer, this won’t be a problem but come the winter these rodents will be more inclined to leave their burrows behind and find shelter in warm, central-heated homes nearby.

Should they find a way into a home, they will make themselves comfortable. A Leigh mice control issue can be a problem for the homeowner for a number of reasons, and fighting against a mouse infestation can be quite difficult, which is why at Young’s Pest Control, we offer help in solving any mice infestation concerns and give advice on avoiding future Leigh mice control problems.

The types of mice found in the UK

There are two main types of mouse found in the UK - the house mouse and field mouse. Both have the potential to infest a home, but it is the house mouse, as the name suggests, that causes the most problems for homeowners.

The house mouse is small, nimble and can climb up walls, which means almost any access points to a home will be found by this rodent, which makes it all the more difficult to tackle a mouse removal job yourself.

It can often be quite difficult to spot a mouse because you only usually see them out-and-about when it’s dark and they are quite small. That said, if you do happen to see a house mouse, it will have brown fur, a long hairless tail and a pointy nose.

Avoiding the dangers

Like most wild animals roaming gardens in the UK - hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, etc. - mice carry diseases that can be passed onto humans. These diseases don’t affect mice, but for humans, contracting leptospirosis, salmonella or murine typhus can cause life-threatening side effects.

It’s therefore important to know the indicators of a mice infestation, both inside and outside the home. The things to look out for outside the home include droppings, tracks, urine and holes in your property. Inside, mice will be looking for food so be vigilant of spoiled produce and damage to food packaging.

Putting in the effort, so you don’t have to

House mouse, Mus domesticusThere is often a tendency for people to try to tackle Leigh mice control themselves, but regarding a mice infestation, the work involved to eliminate this pest means it just isn’t worth the effort, which is why Young’s Pest Control get called out the help homeowners regularly with this problem.

Leigh mice control is a job that requires a pre-prepared strategy, both in terms of assessing a property and devising a plan, which is something that Young’s Pest Control does on a daily bases, so it’s guaranteed that they will have the experience to put in effective measures to rid your home of any mouse control problems.