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A Professional Service for Atherton Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusA mouse infestation is a disturbing experience for any property owner and is something that needs to be dealt with quickly for the hazards it can cause. Professional mouse removal by a trained expert presents the best chance of successfully dealing with mice infestation and Young’s Pest Control has operatives with the experience and knowledge to clear any property of rodents.

Signs of Mice

Mice can squeeze through the smallest of openings, so it does not take much of a hole for them to gain entry to a property. Once inside they will typically seek a place of shelter and they can take up residence in a host of locations around a building, from the basement to the loft. Spotting a mouse may prove difficult although the evidence they leave behind of their presence is more obvious. Some things to look out for as signs of mice infestation are small, dark droppings, scratching and scuffling noises especially at night when they are more active, and dirty marks on skirting boards that are caused as they move around.

Common Hazards of a Mouse Infestation

Hazards that mice bring into a home can affect the occupants and the building. Anyone living in a property infested with mice can suffer the consequences of the diseases that these rodents carry. Some of the risks include salmonella, tapeworms, and leptospirosis, to name just a few. These diseases can be passed to humans through a variety of ways that include contaminated food, contact with droppings or urine, and bites. Mice can also be a menace in terms of ruined food, damage to furniture and other items, and making holes in walls and ceilings as a way of getting around. One danger, in particular, is that they can be attracted to gnawing on electrical cables and in the worst cases this can result in short circuits and fires.

Why use Professionals for Mouse Control

Mouse NestUsing a professional mouse removal service is by far the most effective way of getting rid of an infestation and more crucially ensuring that it does not come back. The operatives at Young’s Pest Control have the training and experience to deal effectively with mice and some of the benefits to using them include the following.

  • They understand mice habits: This ensures they are expert in laying bait and traps in exactly the right spot for them to work most effectively. They are also capable of identifying and following trails to find nest sites and the way that mice get in and out of a building. The latter is particularly important for Atherton mice control to ensure that entryways can be blocked to stop rodents getting back in once a property is cleared.
  • They have the right equipment: We supply our operatives with the working gear, traps, and other equipment needed to best do the job of mouse removal.

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