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Tyldesley Mice Control

Why Mice Infestation is a Danger to Public Health

House mouse, Mus domesticusMany people are more accommodating to mice than rats because they consider them less harmful. Some even find them cute. However, mice are among the most dangerous of all pests. When there is a mouse infestation, they not only cause damage to property through gnawing but also spread many diseases. Some of these diseases are very dangerous and can lead to fatalities when not treated early. For this reason, Tyldesley mice control is essential for the maintenance of public health. Without a proper mice control mechanism to deal with mice infestation, you put yourself, your family and neighbours at the risk of contracting these diseases spread by mice either directly or indirectly.


This is spread by both mice and rats. It is transmitted to human beings through the consumption of contaminated foods and water. The contamination is mainly through mouse droppings, though it can also be through urine. When humans consume such contaminated food, the bacteria that causes salmonella enters the digestive system causing serious health problems. One of them is gastroenteritis which can be fatal when left untreated. Apart from human beings, salmonella also affects pets. So dangerous it is to pets that in most cases, it leads to deaths.


Tapeworms are among the most common worms that affect the digestive system. How do they get into the gut? Mice play host to small tapeworms called Hypemenolepis. These tapeworms can easily spread to other organisms through mouse droppings. For human beings, the most common way of getting these tapeworms is eating food contaminated with these droppings. For example, if you take meals with unwashed hands dirtied by mouse droppings, there is a high risk of getting these tapeworms. Once in the digestive system, the tapeworms mature and reproduce causing many health problems.

Rat-bite Fever

Mouse NestThis is one of those diseases spread by mice indirectly. They are transmitted to humans from mice through flea bites. While the diseases can easily be treated using antibiotics, it can be fatal for persons with the weak immune system. Among such people are elderly persons. Its main symptoms are fever, vomiting, cough and headache.

As the name suggests, rat bite fever is mainly transmitted through bites from rats. However, it can also be transmitted through mice bites. Apart from bites, it is also transmitted through eating food contaminated by mouse urine. Generally, the disease is not dangerous when detected early and treated. However, when left without treatment, it can cause death. In fact, 10% of all untreated cases end up in fatalities.

If there is anything these diseases show is that Tyldesley mice control is critical not only for your own health but also the health of your family and neighbours. If you have a major mice infestation problem, you need to contact professionals that deal with Tyldesley mice control for effective mouse removal before the problem gets out of hand. The earlier you seek professional intervention for the mouse removal, the better. This is because they are prolific at reproduction and when left unchecked for an extended period, the resulting mice infestation can become very difficult to control.