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Hindley Mice Control

Mouse NestAre you aware of the key signs of mice infestation? Many householders may hear a few unidentifiable noises at night, but not realise that their source could be a hazardous mice infestation which, if left unchecked, has the potential to cause significant damage and disruption to their household. Other signs of mice infestation include nibbled food and droppings. Small, black cylindrical faecal pellets are almost certainly of rodent origin. Particularly at night or very early morning, mice will be out foraging for food, so you may well come across one or more running about during this time.

Don’t Attempt Mouse Removal Yourself
When you find droppings on your work surfaces or even find a nest tucked away at the back of a kitchen cupboard or behind household appliances, it can be tempting to have a go at removing the mice yourself. This is unwise for several reasons, not least of which is the potential danger that DIY removal methods present to you and your family. Whilst it can be tempting to put down poison in an attempt to eradicate the mice infestation, remember that the toxin is equally deadly to people. Can you be 100% sure that your child won’t inadvertently gain access to it?

Mouse Nests are Dangerous
Mice are dirty pests which carry a number of nasty diseases in their excrement and via ticks which infest them. Conditions such as Lyme Disease (from the ticks), salmonella and haemorrhagic fever can all be passed from mouse to man via contact with rodent detritus. A not only nest full of disease-ridden material, but mice become uncharacteristically aggressive when their nest is disturbed and are likely to bite, exposing an amateur eradicator to a whole host of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Even if you manage to destroy the nest, if you fail to eradicate even a couple of mice then they can just build another nest elsewhere and the situation remains unresolved.

Use Professional Hindley Mice Control
House mouse, Mus domesticus
Failing to tackle the rodent issue just means it gets worse. Mice and rats reproduce at an alarming rate and as mice reach sexual maturity in a matter of weeks, rodent numbers can rise rapidly if professional Mouse Removal isn’t undertaken. If you suspect you have a mouse infestation, give Young’s Pest Control a ring and let them undertaken a thorough, expert Hindley mice control job on your home or commercial property.

As professional pest controllers, Young’s can get the job done efficiently and effectively. A second visit is rarely required and the company has the necessary skill set to ensure that no rodents escape causing further problems. If you require Hindley Mice Control at the weekends or outside of office hours, a twenty-four-hour call-out facility ensures you can get the best treatment you need exactly when you want it. Our discreet van and professional operators ensure that your Hindley mice control is carried out inconspicuously. Expert eradication ensures a permanent solution to your problem, allowing you to enjoy your home pest free again.