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Professional Westhoughton Mice Control

Mouse NestResidents in the UK know all too well that mice like to set-up home in their properties during the colder months; there’s food, warmth, plenty of hiding places and spaces to move around. But most are unaware just exactly how dangerous these rodents are to people’s health and how quickly an infestation can get out of hand.

Therefore, this article will hopefully go some way to informing you on the risks, habits and signs of a mouse infestation when it comes to this small, nimble rodent. Further to this, I will tell you about the work Young’s Pest Control do year-round in offering Westhoughton mice control services for their customers.

Mice control services in eliminating infestations

In managing and ridding customers of an infestation, Young’s Pest Control has dealt with countless cases, and therefore their professionals have plenty of experience, expertise and resources.

Concerning a mice infestation, these qualities are vital because a lot of the work involved requires planning ahead and predicting a mouse’s habits and where they are likely to move. The effort involved means any DIY mouse removal treatments will likely fall short of what’s needed to successfully fight back against this rodent. In fact, insufficient treatments such as poor trap placement might make a mice control job worse further down the line because mice are intelligent enough to be wary of certain changes in their environment.

Where can you find mice?

The mouse has quite a cute appearance but doesn’t be fooled by this because they pose a risk to your health, as we shall see later. In urban areas, it is the house mouse that is most likely to inhabit your home in search of shelter and food, but there are as many as several species found in the UK.

Out of town, another likely culprit is the field mouse, which unsurprisingly resides in less rural settings such as plains and forests. However, both are scavengers that will search out any source of food, be it a piece of cheese or crumbs on the floor.

Signs of a mice infestation

House mouse, Mus domesticusThe signs of an infested house could be any of the following:

• Spindle-shaped droppings around the house, especially in high places such as in cupboards.
• Smear marks on skirting boards and around holes, which help the mouse in navigating around.
• Gnaw marks on wooden features.


Eliminating a mouse infestation and proofing a house

The risks associated with mice mean it’s important to proof your house against these rodents using Westhoughton mice infestation control services, which is, of course, easier said than done. However, Young’s Pest Control will endeavour to always successfully rid a house of an infestation through careful assessment and planning, which allows them to either effectively kill of the rodents or prevent a house from becoming susceptible to infestation, which is vital because mouse control services protect customers from disease such as salmonella, through food contamination, and leptospirosis.