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Professional Leigh Pest Control Services

Young's Pest Control offers a broad range of Leigh pest control treatments and wildlife services, available on a 24-hour schedule, emergency basis and at reasonable rates. Some of the many services available through Young's include:

- Bird removal and deterrence, and bird proofing buildings. Urban birds like pigeons can cause damage and make a mess with their unsightly droppings, but bird proofing keeps them from roosting where they shouldn't.
- Wasp and bee nest removal services. Avoid painful and potentially deadly stings, and make sure the job gets done right by calling in the professionals who have the right personal protective equipment and training to safely apply a nest removal treatment.
- Wildlife removal, using dogs, firearms, ferrets and live trapping methods to remove or relocate wildlife that has moved in and started causing problems, from squirrels to badgers.
- Premises treatments to help get rid of a flea problem once and for all. When people notice fleas, they often just treat their pets and leave it at that, but fleas can live in carpeting for months. Unless the house is treated, Fido or Fluffy will keep getting fleas no matter how many flea baths they get.

Although there are many tips and tricks for handling various pests available online these days, calling a 24 hour Leigh pest removal service remains the best way to deal with almost any type of infestation or wildlife problem. Many people do not appreciate the risks involved with confronting wild animals or trying to eradicate pests. Leigh pest control experts have the training and protective clothing needed to avoid problems such as:

wasp removal- Painful and dangerous stings from aggressive insects like wasps. Wasps can sting several times, and release pheromones to call in reinforcements if they are injured.
- Falls and other injuries that can happen by accident while trying to reach a nest or hive in a difficult spot.
- Accidental contamination of the area while applying a insecticide treatment, or poisoning as a result of improper application.
- Risk of picking up a disease or parasite from a pest or wild animal, which can infect people or their pets.
- Bites and scratches from animals who are confused and frightened after stumbling into the house.

Calling a professional Leigh pest control service is more affordable than many people think, and saves a great deal of trouble and risk for the homeowner while ensuring that the infestation is gone.