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Professional Leigh Grey Squirrel Control to Protect Red Squirrels

The red squirrel has become rare in Britain since the late 1800s when the grey squirrel was introduced from North America. Previously, it was thought that the grey squirrel’s ability to find food more efficiently led to the red’s downfall. However, it was recently discovered that the grey squirrel carries the deadly Squirrelpox virus, to which the red squirrel has no immunity.

Grey squirrel pestWe at Young’s Pest Control want to help with Leigh grey squirrel control to give the native red variety a chance to re-establish a foothold in the country. We provide squirrel removal services to assist in efforts to prevent the disease from spreading further north. Currently, the disease is more widespread in England, but there are clean areas in the north and in Scotland.

Once a disease-free area has been created, through squirrel removal the virus can be studied properly and immune populations of red squirrels can be relocated to the affected areas. Call us now if you want to be sure you do not have a grey squirrel problem.

Squirrels Spread Disease and Destroy Homes

While all squirrels can spread disease through their droppings, the grey squirrel is more likely to be seen in and around human settlements. Leigh grey squirrel control is needed when they get into homes, attics and crawlspaces to wreak havoc. They have been known to damage all parts of the home and can even be responsible for fires as they chew through electric cables.

Red squirrels are more likely to be reclusive as their population was always limited. Therefore they are more likely to be found in and around wooded areas and will not be subject to Leigh grey squirrel control.

What the Virus Looks Like

Grey squirrel on benchWhen a squirrel is affected by the Squirrelpox virus, it will usually die in less than two weeks. If you see dead squirrels in your area with a discharge from the nose and eyes, then it has probably died from this virus. The grey squirrels can fight this disease but the red ones do not have the right immune system to do so. It is important to report outbreaks and to contact us at Young's Pest Control if you see this virus in your area.

Leigh grey squirrel control is necessary to keep this sickness from spreading farther around the UK and to give the native red squirrels the opportunity to improve their prospects and perhaps make a return. Otherwise, they could be extinct within 15-20 years.