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Westhoughton Pest Control Treatments

Most people are aware that sharing your home with insects such as bed bugs, dust mites and cockroaches is an unpleasant experience. In the same way, no one wants to wake up to ransacked cupboards and droppings on work surfaces which are typical signs that you have an infestation of rats or mice. Although instinctively we regard such creatures as dirty, are you aware of the diseases and illnesses which are readily passed from pest to person? If you want to minimise the risk of contracting a number of unpleasant conditions, contacting a 24 hour Westhoughton pest control service to get appropriate treatment is absolutely crucial.

Brown RatPests Can Make You Ill
You may be aware that dust mites (tiny insects which live in beds, pillows, upholstery and anywhere where they have access to their favourite foodstuff; human detritus) can exacerbate asthma, but were you aware that cockroaches can carry diseases ranging from typhoid through to dysentery and gastroenteritis? Due to their ability to live virtually anywhere, cockroaches often exist in horribly unsanitary situations and carry the germs from that environment to their new home. Flies carry a variety of unpleasant bacteria on their feet, which can be transferred to food if left uncovered. If you have reason to think any of these pests are in residence, a Westhoughton pest control treatment is essential before the problem escalates.

Don’t Tackle an Infestation Yourself
Not only is the process of Westhoughton pest control complex and quite dangerous, but there is also no guarantee that you will effectively solve the problem. Insect infestations are notoriously difficult to get rid of and many amateurs spend enormous amounts on ineffective products which they don’t get used correctly. Professional controllers normally charge a reasonable amount to get the job done and you can be confident that they will usually get rid of all your troublesome visitors in one quick, effective visit.

24 Hour Service is Helpful
If you come home on a Friday night to discover that you’ve got a bees’ nest on the premises or find a rats’ nest in a little used cupboard, the last thing you want is to be stuck with it over the weekend. Thankfully, the 24 hours call out which a trustworthy Westhoughton pest control service offers means you can normally get a professional eradicator out to eliminate the pests at very short notice, enabling you to enjoy the rest of your weekend.