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Professional Leigh Rat Control

ratRats can be a serious problem in any community, both in urban and rural areas. They commonly live in the local vicinity to domestic residences and businesses and can quickly infest an area. Although sometimes undetected, a local rat population can cause serious damage to the local environment and are capable of carrying diseases that are harmful to humans, including deadly plague micro-organisms. This invasive rodent is extremely adaptable and intelligent, making the rat a difficult pest to control. Drawn to food and waste by their keen sense of smell, rats can easily invade a domestic or industrial area if not controlled with adequate procedures. A serious Leigh rat infestation will require a complete pest control treatment by trained professionals to solve the problem.

Signs of Leigh Rat Infestation

Rats are distinguishable from mice, due to their large size. Rats commonly hide and nest out of sight in drains, pipes, and walls, so they can often go unnoticed, but if you see a rat or signs of rodent activity, it is important to get rid of rats immediately. Common signs of rat activity are droppings or bite marks inside a home, nests inside dark areas or tracks left on floors or cupboards. You may also notice strong odors or hear noises from rodent activity. If you think you have a serious rat problem, then it is not advisable to attempt to solve the issue without professional help. The sighting of a single rat often means that the problem is much larger than first anticipated, with the potential for many more rats living in and around the building or local area.

Professional vermin advice and removal

At Young’s Pest Control, we have the skills and equipment to deal with a rat infestation. Our professional team uses a variety of Leigh rat control treatment programmes to eliminate the rat population and apply rat-proofing techniques to ensure that the rats will not return and reproduce. If you want to get rid of rats without any danger or inconvenience, then our team of experts can offer all the essential advice, experience and equipment required to ensure thorough and swift treatment.
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