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Professional Leigh Flea Treatment

Cat and dog fleasFleas are a common household pest, especially in homes with dogs, cats, birds or other domestic animals. Modern households, with central heating and carpeting, provide an ideal environment for fleas to thrive and as a result, the demand for professional Leigh flea treatment methods is increasing. Attempting to aid the problem on your own is a waste of precious time and will leave a hole in your pocket and the problem still infesting your home. Flea treatment must be carried out by a professional.

While fleas are primarily a problem for pets, they can also bite humans and cause a number of issues too. These range from allergic reactions to the spread of worm parasites and in rare instances, fleas can even contribute towards the spread of disease.

At Young's Pest Control, we are able to offer professional Leigh flea treatment and other flea removal techniques at great prices, to ensure you can rid your property of these pests.


Fleas are wingless insects, which live off of the blood of mammals and birds. There are a number of different types of fleas, including the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and the dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis). While they do have a host preference, most flees will feed on the blood of other animals. They are able to jump distances of 30cm.

Modern households provide ideal conditions for flea larvae to grow into adult fleas, as they seek warmth. Bedding and carpets provide ideal conditions for them to develop. Upon reaching adulthood, fleas feed on blood and reproduce at a rapid rate. In fact, fleas are able to lay more than 5,000 eggs over the course of a lifetime.

In addition to their quick reproduction, fleas are a common pest because they are able to survive for a considerable amount of time without a blood meal. A new adult flea can survive for about a week without food, while fully formed adults may even be able to live for as long as several months.

How to Spot a Flea Infestation

FleaFleas are approximately 1.5 to 3.3 mm in size length and are dark in colour. They are usually visible when living on pets, although this may depend on the colour of the animal's fur. Common symptoms of fleas living on domestic pets include itchiness and irritation.

In the event that flea bites a human, it will usually cause soreness and irritation, as well the formation of a small bump, which has a single puncture mark in the centre. Flea bites can look similar to bites from mosquitos, gnats and other similar creatures, but are generally found in clusters.

It is important to note that fleas may spend as much as 3/4 of their life away from their host. As a result, if you spot fleas on a household pet, there is a strong chance that many more fleas will be found away from the pet, but in the same environment. Therefore, if your dog or cat has fleas, it is likely your house has a flea infestation.

Professional Flea Removal

When faced with an infestation, it is important to seek professional Leigh flea treatment services, as fleas are a difficult pest to eradicate completely. At Young's Pest Control, we are able to provide flea fumigation and other similar techniques, as well as supply Leigh flea treatment to prevent re-infestation.

Young's Pest Control's services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our prices are fixed, there is no call out charges and we offer a one-hour emergency response.

So if you have a problem with fleas in either a domestic or commercial property, do not hesitate to call us on 0161 776 9832 or 0784 581 5261 now.