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Atherton Pest Control Treatments

Have you walked into the kitchen to be confronted with what is potentially the world’s biggest rat, making a sneaky meal from your food supplies? Have you opened the loft trapdoor to hear an angry buzzing and seen large numbers of flying insects hovering there? Are your exterior walls covered with bird droppings due to unwanted nests in the eaves? Answer yes to any of the previous questions and you need an Atherton pest control treatment promptly. In these types of situation, the best course of action is always to seek expert pest control to alleviate the problem safely.

Pest Control is Hazardous
When people first encounter an unpleasant infestation, many try and get rid of the pests themselves. Not only can this be ineffective, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. For example, social bees will attack in a swarm if they perceive that their nest is under threat, so amateur bumble bee nest removal treatment can often end in disaster and potentially a visit to the Accident and Emergency Department. Unless carefully located, rodent poison can present a real risk to family pets and small children. Do you really know enough to place such toxic substances safely? A 24-hour pest removal service is almost invariably a far more sensible course of action.

Brown RatEliminate Harmful Pests
Atherton pest control service professionals have the skills and equipment to remove unwanted animals and insects safely and are also able to correctly identify which species present a threat and which can be left alone. This is particularly important when considering insects; a nest of social bees on your property can present a significant hazard, whereas numerous nests of solitary bees are normally harmless and actually do plenty of good in the garden through pollination. Would you be able to differentiate between the two? No one wants to inadvertently destroy valuable wildlife by wrongfully identifying it as a pest, so don’t hesitate to get the professionals out if you suspect a pest is at large.

Prompt Action is Best
By offering a 24-hour service, we can effectively eradicate your pest problem before it has a chance to get out of hand. Prompt action ensures you can swiftly return to your everyday activities, confident that pests have been completely removed. If you’re suffering from an invasion of unwanted mini-beasts, don’t delay in getting out the experts to resolve the situation rapidly and effectively.