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Grey Squirrels Are Pests! You Need Irlam Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrel close upA big problem that has emerged over the last few years has seen many people's homes ripped apart, damaged and gnawed on by one of the most unexpected animals imaginable. The grey squirrel is thought of by many as cute, cuddly and innocent but it is extremely doubtful as to whether a homeowner, whose house has recently or is currently being infested with the creatures. Irlam grey squirrel control is notoriously hard and squirrel removal is an extremely difficult task because of their nature. The squirrel is a creature of habit with a great memory, so if you manage to rid the squirrel from your home, it won't be long until they find their way back. This is why professional Irlam grey squirrel control should always be used. Another reason why it is essential to get professional squirrel pest control is because of their tendency to attack humans when they are cornered and feel vulnerable. Therefore, Irlam grey squirrel control is a delicate process which requires an experienced and level head, like the ones on the shoulders of employees at Young's pest control, which is based around the Manchester area.

Why Are Squirrels Invading Our Homes?

Grey squirrel pestThe United Kingdom is a very densely populated country. The population of humans is expanding at a rapid rate and houses are high in demand. This has seen much of the woodland in the UK being cut down in order to make room for people. The slowly diminishing woodland is one reason why squirrels invade our homes, but another reason is, like ours, their population is also expanding.

Grey squirrels in this country are notorious for killing and eliminating the population of red squirrels, and in the red squirrel's demise, the population of grey squirrels has soared and they are breeding at an alarming rate. It is the combination of lots of factors as to why squirrels invade our homes. The obvious is because they seek warmth in the winter months and then there is also the fact of an increasing population, but a dwindling supply of squirrel homes.

Why Do We Need Squirrel Removal?

Irlam grey squirrel control is essential because they can cause a lot of damage to our homes and personal possessions. In addition, they can also cause a fire hazard and can indirectly pass on diseases.

A squirrel has remarkably strong teeth so it can chew through anything, this normally includes wires. The chewing of wires is not only costly to fix but it can also be a massive fire hazard.