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Professional Irlam Ant Infestation Removal

Common species likely to affect the home:

Black antIn the UK we are only affected by a few species of ants which may invade the home. The Black ant and the Pharaoh ant are the two most common.

Ants have not known disease carriers, being more a nuisance factor, climbing over, or in, any foodstuffs, food packets, worktops and walls in their hunt for food.

The Pharaoh ant has some not very nice feeding habits. Hospitals are one of their favourite haunts where they will feed on blood, soiled dressings and excrement. They will chew up the packaging and are capable of biting. Not a nice ant infestation to invade the hospital or home.

A quick overview of the ant life cycle:

At the same time every year across the UK, people see thousands of flying ants. This is not the beginning of a major flying ant infestation. These flying ants are young males and queens of the Black Garden Ant (Lasius niger).

Although you won’t get a flying ant infestation, it’s a good idea at this time to keep all windows and doors closed, to ensure none end up inside.

It’s mating time and the ants will mate on the wing. After mating the young males will die. The queens that survive predation, will lose their wings and begin looking for their own nest site.

Eggs will hatch in one to four weeks depending on species. Within two weeks the larvae will pupate and the adults will emerge in another two weeks after that. The workers will have their own jobs, looking after the queen and larvae or hunting and foraging for food.

Invading the home:

AntsWith all the nooks and crannies in the home that ants can enter through: it’s little wonder that a queen may well take up residence and begin an ant infestation in the house.

Whether the nest is in the house, or the ants are just seeking food, Irlam ant infestation removal treatment can soon become a necessity as the nest grows and the ant infestation in the house grows.

There is nothing more annoying than little crawling things everywhere you look.

Consult the experts in ant control:

DIY sprays may well get rid of the few ants you can see, but others will be back. Young’s Pest Control Company specialises in ant control and Irlam ant infestation removal.

They will verify the species causing the ant infestation. Instigate the treatment for Irlam ant infestation removal, and, once completed, advice on how to keep them out.